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 Issues (Focus)  Questions Answers 
 Who? (Participants) 1. Who will work on the project?
2. Who will manage the project?
3. Who will manage the system after it is in operation?
1. The class will work on the project.
2. The team leaders and Mr Woo will manage the project.
3. Mr Woo will manage teh system after it is in operation.
 What? (Outcomes) 4. What are the specific objectives of the new system? 4. The objective of the new system is to make the IPT syllabus more user-friendly.
 When? (Timeline) 5. When will the project start and finish?
6. When will each individual stage start and finish?
5. The project started on 14 October and ended on 27 October.
6. The navigation will have to be finished first. The content will have to be finished next while it is decided where certain words will link to. When the content and linking is done, the proofing team will have to go through the page and change things before the end date.
 How? (Methods) 7. How will the development process be organised?
8. How will project personnel and users work together?
7. The project personnel will be working in small groups to target different parts of the project.
8. Users will tell the project personnel what needs to be improved.
 Resources? (IT) 9. What hardware, software, data and information resources will be needed? 9. Needed technology includes: computer, Internet, Adobe Reader, printer, highlighter. The data is the original IPT syllabus and the information is the completed project with an easier-to-use version of the syllabus.
 Expected results? (Outcomes) 10. What milestones will be reached at the end of each stage in the project? 10. Navigation for the site should be easy to use. The content should be organised under the right categories. Links should help to clarify parts of the syllabus that are hard to understand.

Project Communication & Collaboration

  • The printed version of the IPT Syllabus was split into five parts, one for each team member to go through and decide to link.
  • Once that was done, we had to go through again to get rid of the links others thought were unnecessary.
Classwork: [link]