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Why would failure to function as a team lead to financial loss, employment loss, and missed opportunities?
  • Active listening - If team members do not actively listen they will not know exactly what the others want for the project. Different members may end up working towards different goals instead of targeting what the project was meant to be for. If the project is not completed the way their employer would have liked it to be, they may all get fired. Money would also be wasted because it is being used on areas where it was not meant to be.
  • Conflict resolution -
  • Negotiation skills - If team members cannot work out a compromise between different ideas, they will not be able to work in a way that satisfies them. Good ideas may also be ignored, resulting in a not-as-good project that may result in missing opportunities.
  • Interview techniques - If a team cannot get helpful feedback from others, they will not be able to improve the project in a way that benefits more people.
  • Team building -
What are the various project management tools necesssary for teams developing systems?
  • Gantt Chart - Gantt Charts give the team members an idea of what sections of the project will be finished and when. That way, the members can all work towards the same deadlines.
  • Scheduling of tasks - The team members can plan out what sections of the project should be done in when and in which order, so that they can complete the work in a logical sequence.
  • Journals & diaries - Team members can keep track of what has been done & what they still have to do. That way they have something to refer to in case they have forgotten.
  • Funding Management Plan - A funding management plan tells the team members how the money would be used.
  • Communication Management Plan - The team members can use this to find another team member easily, so that in emergencies they can still discuss the project without problems.
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Official Answers:
Question 1:
An unproductive team does work slower and uses more time. This wastes money as when someone is paid to do something, they are paid for their time.
Develop bad system - have to fix, or deal with consequences - waste time & money
Employment loss - employer may not fire unless (s)he finds better team who can do things faster & better
Missed opportunities - "employment aspirations are lost", sub-standard product not used as widely (e.g. Google)
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