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Complete Project Prospectus

posted Dec 17, 2008, 1:49 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 17, 2008, 2:50 AM by Eddie Woo ]
It is a little late, but from reading the news post, I just realised that the method of system conversion was to be mentioned on our project prospectus. Mr Woo mentioned in his comments in the news post that the system conversion has elements from each conversion method, and that it would be up for us to discuss which it is in our prospectus.
We clarified today that we had to include a 'Method' in our prospectus. Actually, we have to answer all the project planning questions in some way on our prospectus.
I asked Blair what the 'system development techniques' were about. He said that it was about the prototyping and having end users to test them. I thought it was the things that were done to prepare the system for its final release, or to make sure that the project was going to turn out successful when it is eventually put to use (e.g. diagrams, project plans). So I mentioned a little bit of both.
Nivvi and I had a little discussion about the 'Method', especially the system conversion. I think we put it as something mostly between pilot and parallel.
I just finished the Method, which means my project prospectus is complete. I did not exactly know what to write for the project personnel and the users working together on the project, so I just mentioned a little about them providing the feedback for the prototype. Nivvi also reminded me that I did not havea  sufficient outcome for my prospectus, which I have hopefully fixed.