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Component 3B Planning

posted May 6, 2009, 9:38 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 10, 2009, 9:15 PM by Eddie Woo ]
Design specifications
Hardware: camera, computer, MP3
Software: Windows Media Player, Movie Maker
  • Video - interview people who do the subject and ask them why they did one of the languages & what makes it fun for them (probably 1-2 people per language), or interview people about excursions - hopefully can get the video to last about 3 minutes
    • Visual version of the pros of learning languages - things that might be easier to show on video:
      • People speaking languages almost fluently (have to get people who have learnt the languages for a while. Would be hard to find a person who learns German though - there are not any in year 10)
      • All three languages are spoken by lots of people (image - graph/chart? Or get real people to
      • Visiting other countries (world map...)
  • Audio - phrases that could be chained together..."going around Japan"
    •  Phrases the person speaks & the replies they get as they walk around "Japan"
A record of the 7 information processes
  • Collecting - filming the video, recording the audio, getting photos, getting interesting statistics for the languages, other images (e.g. headers, other language-related pictures, possibly buttons)
  • Organising - compressing the video & audio files, arranging things on the screen
  • Analysing - (possibly adding subtitles to videos), making graphical representations for the statistics if they were not graphical in the first place,
  • Storing & Retrieving - saving all the data on computer/other storage device,
  • Processing - editing the video & images, changing the links
  • Transmitting & Receiving - getting photos from people, finding other relevant data from the Internet
  • Displaying - everything is displayed by the VDU
Gantt chart
  • Week 5 - Find people who don't mind an interview/having their voice recorded, ask teachers if they have any opinions or things they want to say, draft script for the audio & video
  • Week 6 - Collect more interesting information/statistics about the languages, (start filming?)
  • Week 7 - Filming, record the audio
  • Week 8 - Find relevant images for each language to add to the Intranet
  • Week 9 - Final edits, fix layout
Case study
There are currently separate pages for each language about reasons to take each as an elective. Maybe they should be moved under this mini-assignment, since that information is probably more information for people who are considering taking a language than people who are taking the language. Or would that be harder to find if they are not under the languages?