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Design Specifications

posted Jul 10, 2009, 9:56 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 16, 2009, 7:17 AM by Eddie Woo ]
An interview with a German student would have been a good addition to the site, except I did not manage to find a German student in time. It would also have been better to interview students from other years (especially the year 11 & 12 students) & the language teachers, & make the whole LOTE site less year-10- (& Japanese-) centred.
Currently, all the promotional audio is done in English, & people are only told about the languages. It would have been interesting to make some short recordings of students speaking in various languages, except I am not sure what the students are capable of saying, & there was not time to find out. An 'audio tour' of Japan was considered - basically, it would be from the point of view of a tourist walking around Japan, & the various things said by them & other people on the streets.
I also considered getting the Japanese class to sing 'Ten Little Indians' in Japanese as well as the German alphabet (I do not think there is copyright attached to those...), except this never got around to happening. I did mention something about recording the 'Ten Little Indians' song at one stage, except no one could remember the lyrics. Even if they could, though, there would have been a problem as I doubt I could have gotten a loud enough recording to cover up the buzzing sounds that would have been recorded by my camera. I could also have asked if the French class had anything interesting that they could say/sing/perform.
Some of the audio turned out to have strange recordings at the start & end, & they could have been either recorded again, or cut & converted back into .MP3 files.
The current video looks very rushed, & it is quite short. There were many parts of the original video plan that were cut due to time constraints (which were a problem because some parts of the video would have been hard to film, & a series of images were considered as their replacement), & so many of the good reasons to do LOTE were left out. It would have been good to make a video with the major points (if not all of them) included, & I could have slowed the pace of the video to make it look less rushed.
Originally, the video was going to have separate sections for each of the languages, but that is no longer the case. If there was more time, then, I could consider making separate 'Why Choose?' videos for each language. I probably could have made another video with student interviews, so that people have something to watch while they listen to the audio (it would probably be harder to lose focus for a video than an audio).
I would have also wanted to get some good videos of the Japan trip (& French excursion, although I doubt any were taken for it), but there were not any (out of the ones I found so far) that were particularly good, so none were uploaded. However, I know that there were people who I did not ask who took videos in Japan.