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Done nothing...

posted Mar 13, 2009, 9:04 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 13, 2009, 9:48 PM by Eddie Woo ]
...for the past month.
According to my Gantt chart, I am very behind because by now, I should be uploading documents and asking language students for their opinions of the website, neither of which I have done. So I decided to do something today, although I did not end up getting very far.
Thanks to Blair who took pictures on his French excursion, some of which I put on the Intranet. I will probably put up more after I ask the people who were in the pictures about their picture being on the Intranet, in case some of them do not like the idea.
Since I threw mine away some time ago, I asked around for the copies of the elective sheets we got back in year 8 that told us what the LOTE elective students do in year 9 & 10. But of the few people who seemed to know what I was talking about, no one has them any more.
Also, I am considering making a vocabulary list for the three languages for year 7. However, I am not sure if it will be useful or not, nor how closely it would follow the syllabus since it would be done off my year 7 notes, nor if the teachers have made or want a copy for distribution. We have not gotten any vocabulary sheets in late year 9 & so far in year 10 either, so maybe I could do that as well some day.