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Layout changes & adding pictures

posted Jul 13, 2009, 6:07 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 14, 2009, 8:52 AM by Eddie Woo ]
Minor edits have been made so that the images that were put onto the French and Japanese pages yesterday (snails & Himeji Castle) now link to the excursion & Japan trip pages (it seemed rather unnecessary for those to link to the originals, as links to both appear elsewhere). One more photo was added to the Japan Trip 2009 page (put it next to the short 'recount'). The paragraphing of the text was changed so that things fit in better.
I decided that the German page was too 'out of place' compared to the French & Japanese pages (even though the French page only has pictures of food) because I had no pictures of it, so through the Berlin & Germany pages on Wikipedia, I found this picture (of Berlin). I also found this picture (of the Eiffel Tower) for France. They have been put either on the front page of the LOTE site or the pages for the language. However, I linked them back to the Wikipedia pages for the pictures. The Eiffel Tower picture was resized, & seemed to load better when its source was not the original big picture (of about 5MB).
'Languages' & 'Miscellany' on the front page were originally under two text boxes, except due to some issues with layout I put them into one & moved it to the side. Now the front page looks slightly more consistent with the other pages.
The audio recordings were also uploaded on the languages pages. While it means that it will be more noticeable that German has no interviews, it did not seem like such a good idea to add audio files on the front page of the site.