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Mini-Assignment: Multimedia

posted May 4, 2009, 3:27 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 16, 2009, 4:43 AM by Eddie Woo ]
We got our multimedia mini-assignment today. It is meant to help us if we do not have not much content on our portfolios. The 'News Coverage' part got me thinking about the Japan trip, except I will be doing that anyway, plus I do not think I can get any videos of it now.
  • Subject promotion - (links would be hypertext)
    • The pros of learning languages - text & numbers (a small number of statistics)
    • Video - interview people who like the subject; different people speaking different languages (with subtitles); visual version of the pros of learning languages
    • Nice, inviting 'posters' of each languages, photos of Japan - image
    • Audio - many people speaking different languages, & saying how if someone learnt another language, they would actually understand it all...
Suggestions from Christine (who would kill to do the LOTE portfolio):
  • Virtual tour guide - go through all the different languages...
Seventh idea - showcase of student work. Unfortunately, there is not much work to showcase for LOTE.
We need audio as well as video. Audio should actually be rather easy, considering my portfolio, but that would be easier with learning resources. (Amy suggests national anthems. Amy also suggests a recording of the teachers' opinions of the pros of learning LOTE, except that would probably be almost the same thing as the video.)
Learning resource: video showing how to use particles (that could be done with just images & text...would it be an advantage that in the video, you can 'move' the images? But if I were to make a video, I would probably need more people than I can get.), audio that...
I should probably ask the LOTE teachers for their opinions. & they might have interesting information that can help me with it.