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More minor edits

posted Jul 15, 2009, 2:52 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 15, 2009, 5:12 PM by Eddie Woo ]
The audio recordings were moved to the _____ Studies @ JR pages, as that page is the one that has most of the subject promotion details. Some other site inconsistencies were fixed. A student also picked up on some errors on the website & they have been fixed.
A minor change was made to the video - the video of browsing German Wikipedia did not turn out very well, so I replaced it with a series of screenshots. The scrolling is a little uneven & after the video was published, I found that there are some screenshots in which there was some 'inconsistency' (e.g. one had a URL on the bottom left-hand corner), but now I cannot seem to find exactly which screenshot it was.
In some earlier post I mentioned not putting in Canada as a French-speaking country, but that is no longer relevant as I cut that part out of the video.
I do not really want my video on Youtube, but it cannot be set to private & still work on the Intranet. Yesterday, I asked Blair how he was going to upload his video, if he chose to, & he said he might just put it as an attachment. For now, I have attached the video onto the LOTE faculty front page.
Previously, I asked Amy if I could use some of the Europe Tour pictures, except when I looked at the student recount yesterday, it seemed as if they did not visit France or Germany, so there was not much I can use.
I also told her that can critique now, as I will not be making any significant edits to the site.