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Recording + uploading files

posted Jul 8, 2009, 5:15 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 10, 2009, 8:16 PM by Eddie Woo ]
I recorded an interview with Blair as well as him saying 'You lost the game' in French. Another recording with a French student was made earlier this morning, except the file went a little weird - when I played it on the MP3, it was very dragged out and things could not be heard properly, so I deleted it. As we do not have any more IT lessons after this, I probably will not be doing it again.
Although the video is no longer compulsory, I recorded some clips anyway. Due to time constraints, I cut the plan down so that it would be easier to film and will require fewer images to be put into the video. Blair did not want to appear on the video so I think I will replace him with a stick figure.
The programmes I got for the languages were uploaded. Last night I also put the BOS syllabi in a separate folder because the list for Japanese was getting a little long.
Earlier last week, I asked for a recount of the Japan trip, except for some reason, she told me this morning that she did not want to have it on the Intranet...I hope I can get a recount from someone else (preferably someone who went with the Japanese students) in the next week, but I expect not to have one on the website.
I do not think I will be uploading any more images onto the Japan trip page, so the attachment part of the page was removed to make the page shorter and show less irrelevant data.
Mr Woo also mentioned that when the images on Google Sites are resized by clicking the 'S', a thumbnail is automatically created, so that would be processing.
I finished editing my video. Also, it turned out that the student misunderstood my question, so she gave me the recount (it was rather short, so I put it on the same page as the photos), but requested not to have her name put up with it.
With my interviews, the start and the ends had a bit of junk attached, so I tried using Windows Movie Maker to cut those bits, except it would be published as a .WMA file, so I decided not to.