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Slight layout change + information processes

posted Jul 13, 2009, 6:07 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 13, 2009, 7:38 AM by Eddie Woo ]
I think Google Sites changed things so that pictures would have a little bit of white space before & after, so I deleted some of the spaces that I put on the French Excursion page a while ago. I also added one more picture.
I decided that there was too much text (and the page was just too long) for the _______ Studies @ JR pages, so I moved the sections with 'About ______' onto the 'front' pages of each language (which were conveniently very empty). I also added a picture to the French and Japanese pages (from the French Excursion and Japan Trip 2009 pages respectively, except the one on the Japanese page has been cropped). I have not put a picture on the German page yet, but I hope I will find something interesting within the next few days.
As I have only 3 interviews (one Japanese teacher, one Japanese student, one French student - I could not find any year 9 German students), I think I will eventually attach the audio to the front page of the LOTE site.
There are some things with the design of the site that seem like they need a bit of change, but I will work of them when I have finished more of the project.
There is a little bit of inconsistency with the Japan Trip 2009 & French Excursion pages, because the pictures on one have small thumbnails while on the other have medium-sized thumbnails. However, I think I might leave it as is, as It would take too long making new thumbnails for all the images on the Japan Trip 2009 page (and it would also make the page take longer to load and longer to scroll through, because there are so many pictures and the lage is so long). On the French Excursion page, though, there are only 6 pictures, and it would look rather strange if they were all shrunk down. I can always remove that page and incorporate the pictures into the website in some other way, but then the pictures may not have as much meaning when separated and not categorised by being put onto their own page.
I asked another student for their opinion (whether I should remove the French Excursion page or not), & they said that it was fine to leave it.
Maybe I can save a lot of room (but this only solves the problem with the page being long - having larger images would still make the page larger) by removing the headings that say which day it was & which places we visited. However, for now, I do not think it is worth removing the headings just to save room (and it probably will not even save much loading time).
I asked Blair about the information processes involved (collecting, or transmitting & receiving?) when Mr Woo put the files from the old Intranet onto our USBs at the end of last year. Although I thought it would be a separate system, if it was a different system, then should not the process that got the data into the new system be either collecting or transmitting & receiving, since data is introduced into a system in those processes? In that case, would it be transmitting & receiving, because data was moved from one system to another (or between the computer and the storage device)? Or would it be collecting because data was gathered for the current Intranet?
If it was the same system, though, it should be transmitting & receiving, since collecting gathers data for an information system, and in such a case the data would already be in the information system...
He said that he was not sure, but there was storing & retrieving involved...