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What advantages are there for developing an information system with a team rather than as isolated individuals?
  • Increased productivity - Working in a team means that each team member has to do less work, making the process faster. The team members can also correct others' mistakes and reduce the amount of time and costs needed to fix mistakes later on.
  • Enhanced job satisfaction - Working with other people can make the project seem less tedious. Other people can also serve as a distraction while doing any work the person finds boring. (e.g.
  • The development of a quality system - More team members means that there are more people to contribute ideas to improve the system. People can also correct others' mistakes before the system is made available to end users.
What social and ethical issues must be considered by system developers? (Note: remember that social and ethical issues are those that concern people connected to the system.)
  • Individual privacy - The data in the system is available to all team members - more people to let any confidential data slip.
  • Data security - The data can be accessed and easily copied by everyone. There are also more people to 'accidentally' delete the data.
  • Need for complete documentation - Everyone has to be able to know exactly how the system works and what it is meant for so that they can develop it knowing what they are meant to do...

Think of additional issues and explain each.

  •  Bias - Any incorrect sources of data, faulty analysis and inaccurate processing of data can result in information that is not helpful.
  • Ergonomics - Having more people may mean that some individual space has to be sacrificed. Having more team members may also mean that they will need quantity over quality.
(bias [sources of data, inaccurate analysis, fakes], ergonomics, make sure databases can't be linked,  
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