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Post-exam happiness!
Testing, Maintaining & Evaluating Systems
pp 26, Jacaranda textbook.
1. Who should perform the acceptance testing?
The acceptance testing should be done by users, who actually know what the system has to be able to do and will have to end up using it.
2. What activities are covered by system maintenance?
Activities covered by system maintenance include: repair, replacement of faulty parts, and improvements to the system.
3. What is the main problem with making changes to a system?
The main problems with making changes to a system is that any changes may cause changes to other parts of the system. Usually entire systems have to be retested even after small changes and alterations to the documenetatino have to be made.
Database Information Systems
1. Name the general parts of components of an information system.
Components of an information system include: environment, purpose, participants, data/information, processes, information technology.
2. List the input devices common to all three database systems described in this unit.
Common input devices are: keyboards & monitors, barcode scanners. 
3. What are the advantages of using barcodes on products?
The advantage of barcodes is that it is quicker than manually performing a large number of repetitive data entry tasks. It can reduce delays and minimise mistakes.
4. Why would specially designed database applications (such as OASIS and DRIVES) be used instead of standard commercial database software?
5. All three systems in this unit have both direct & indirect system users. Classify the participants of each system as either direct or indirect users of the information systems described.
School database information system
The school office, library staff, teachers, students are direct users.
RTA vehicle & driver informaino database
Classwork: [link] The one that got Amy really excited. I tried to say so but she won't let me go into detail.