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1. Produce a rough model of the system, representing all the essential elements of the system in a form that can easily be comprehended. You may do this in the manner you choose (the model you create might be electronic, on paper, or have an actual physical presence), so long as it accurately represents the system and assists in understanding it (from a problem-solving point of view).
2. Create a plan for making a small-scale prototype of the system, including what would be needed for the prototype to functionally imitate the full-scale system it is based upon.
  • The technology (bar-code scanner, receipt paper, cash register, fridges & hot food stands, folder, diary, shelves, kitchen utilities, security camera)
  • (real) The food & money
  • (real) People
The prototype would need to be set up like the finished product in a school so that the canteen environment can be simulated realistically. Cheaper, lesser-quality technology (e.g. shelves) may be used.
3. Write questions to form an end user survey and a system participant survey, by which you can personally assess the system and identify any potential problems. Also include (on a separate document) some anticipated answers to these questions, and what adjustments you might make to the system in response to such answers.
End User:
  • Are there any other types of food that need to be added to the canteen? (please elaborate) (There should be more vegetarian food  and more variety added to the canteen.)
  • How long do you spend in the canteen waiting to pay (start of recess/lunch)? Do you feel a lot of your lunchtime is spent waiting in line? Do you feel that there is a way to make the canteen more efficient? (Sometimes they can spend long enough in there for hot food to turn cold. This can be fixed with faster & more cash registers.)
  • Do you have any complaints/comments/suggestions about the canteen? (Squashed food can be annoying - the food might need better handling.) 
  • Is the canteen user-friendly? Why/why not? (Mostly, but there can be some long lines at the start of recess & lunch and the canteen becomes very crowded. This can probably be solved by training the canteen helpers to be faster, or getting faster worker, or opening all cash registers. The prices can also be rather expensive - that can be solved by buying food from other places, unless it's already as cheap as it gets.)


  • Is the system efficient enough? (Relatively, although there are long lines in the canteen at the start of recess & lunch. This can be fixed by training the canteen people to be faster and opening all the cash registers.)
  • Is the technology easy to use? (The bar-code scanner cannot scan all the bar-codes quickly, and looking for the food in the folder can take time. This could be fixed if certain foods have their own button on the cash register.)
  • Are there any foods that tend to be frequently sold out? Would it help to have more? (Yes - hot food, chips tend to be sold out. It probably would help to have more so that students don't have to rush to the canteen all the time.)
  • Is the security enough for the system? (Yes.
If the answer to any of the above questions was 'no', please elaborate & suggest ideas for improvements.
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