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Feedback to survey

Clay's response
End User:
  • Are there any other types of food that need to be added to the canteen?

More vegeterian food should be added. Also, more different culture's foods could be served.

  • How long do you spend in the canteen waiting to pay (start of recess/lunch)? Do you feel a lot of your lunchtime is spent waiting in line in the canteen?

Depending on the speed at which I get to the canteen, if i get there right after the bell then I am served instantly. However only a few minutes later, I would be forced to wait up to ten minutes depending on the efficiency of the canteen's checkout chick. Yes, a lot of my lunchtime is taken up due to my impatient mind. However, this is only in rare cases as my power legs make me one of the first people there.

  • Do you have any complaints/comments/suggestions about the canteen?

Opening all three cash registers at all times would definitely improve the canteen.

  • Is the canteen user-friendly? Why/why not?
Not really because the lines for the cash register often clash with the people looking for food. There isn't enough room in the canteen.