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17 Nov 08

3. How are users involved in the building of a prototype?
The users are able to physically interact with the prototypes and assess how they work, they are essential part of the making of the prototype and the continual process of feedback to identify problems and ways to improve the prototype overall. The users also test the prototype under conditions so as to identify problems and aspects that need to be altered.
4. How are communication skills important in prototyping?
Within the process of prototyping, their is a heavy interaction between users and designers. The users must evaluate the initial prototype and the many alterations made so as to determine their effectiveness and if it makes the prototype better. The prototype is a joint job between both the designers and users, it is the users who road test the prototype and the designers who evaluate the given feedback and apply it to the prototype. Communication skills will determine the speed at which the prototype is produced and its value and effectiveness as well as appeal to other end users.
5. How can a spreadsheet be used as a model?
 A spreadsheet can be used as a model as it is a 2D physical copy of the model, models can also be descriptions on paper using words and symbols, such as diagrams, charts and tables - namely spreadsheets. A spreadsheet is also able to contain all the essential elements of the problem in a form that can be easily understood.
6. What software tools would you need to prototype a new web site?
The simplest method of software used to create the prototype of a website would be the application of Notepad or Microsoft Word and even the web browser Internet Explorer but sites such as Google Sites and Bebo allow people to create their own websites, becoming less private and more complex.