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24 Nov 08

1. What is the purpose of a feasibilty study?
It allows people to assess their solution to a problem within a project through the users point of view. The users are people who will be using, managing and paying for the application. This allows the project to be successful with the end user as it caters to their needs.
2. What is the purpose of the functional specification?
A functional specification expalins the effect of the project on the business and users, its benefits and costs, and the risks. This allows the project to be efficient in cost and use of limited resources but also weighs both the advantages and disadvantages to the business and its users, allowing the project to be the best of its kind, having stressed each aspect that is affected by the project.
3. What is a project plan?
A project plan details the steps, resources and schedule for the development of a new system. This application breaks the entire project into smaller and more manageable stages, highlighting when each stage is expected to start and finish, the staffing and resources required. It allows the team leader and person in charge to help people keep in track and thoroughly understand what is the objective and what is expected of each member of the staff.
4. How can a functional specification be important for the acceptance of a project?
This provides assurance to all those incorporated within the project and those in charge who allow the team to proceed with the project that it will be able to function within the real world effectively. While using minimal cost and resources, making those in charge very happy. It clearly evaluates the need for the project and where it is suited, a functional specification is like a marking tool that criticises all aspects of the end project.
5. Many companies use outside consultants to evaluate feasibility proposals and to make final recommendations instead of using their own project staff for this task. Suggest reasons for this approach.
A fresh mind allows fresh ideas to be incorporated within the project, allowing new beneficial ideas to be used. Project staff have been within the process of the project, beginning to end and are sometimes unable to see the project through the views of anyone but themselves. The results of the feasibility study should be seen by an outside consultant as they may end u being a user and can see it from that point of view. This is also their daily job and their opinion would be full of expert advice.
6. What is the advantage of a Gantt Chart over text-based schedules?
 A Gantt Chart visually shows the time it takes to do different parts of the same project and though it may be an estimate it also allows you to visually express the linking of the different parts, which one must be done first in order to begin the next aspect. Different projects can also be contrasted upon the same Gantt Chart, to evaluate certain aspects. A text based schedule cannot be read and understood as quickly as possible, as well as not being as aesthetically pleasing. You cannot contrast different projects upon the same schedule, if too many information is upon the text-based schedule then there could be much confusion.