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29 Oct 08

 Issues (Focus)  Questions Answers 
 Who? (Participants) 1. Who will work on the project?
2. Who will manage the project?
3. Who will manage the system after it is in operation?

1. people in the class

2.  everyone in the class moniters their own progress, lead by the team leaders and overall by Mr Woo

3. us and others

 What? (Outcomes) 4. What are the specific objectives of the new system? 4. to minimise confusion when reading the syllabus, and allow it to be accessed and manipulated by everybody
 When? (Timeline) 5. When will the project start and finish?
6. When will each individual stage start and finish?

5. Starts: 14/10/08    Ends: 27/10/08
6. The navigation team is the first to finish, then the content team provides the information so as to direct others where the linking happens. The proofing team will then edit the copy so that it is complete. 

 How? (Methods) 7. How will the development process be organised?
8. How will project personnel and users work together?
7. Teams are made up of numbers that are determined by Mr. Woo and also depends on the amount of work in each subset.
8. As each subset of the team completes an aspect of the project, each personnel will tell the next team to complete their work and users will provide feedback to improve the project.
 Resources? (IT) 9. What hardware, software, data and information resources will be needed? 9. Computers, Keyboard, Mouse, Paper, Highlighters, Pen, Internet Web Browser, Microsoft Word, Linking techniques, Printer, Spell Check, Liquid Tape.  
 Expected results? (Outcomes) 10. What milestones will be reached at the end of each stage in the project? 10. The aim of the project is to make the syllabus easier to apprehend and easier to access particular information, linking large amounts of data effectively is vital to the project and as few mistakes as possible would also be an achievement.