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3 Nov 08

Consequences of dysfunctional teams

Financial loss. 
Teams that are unable to efficiently cooperate and meet their goals within a limited set of time are prone to costing corporations much more money through the extra expense of rectifying mistakes and uninformed decisions as well as paying for the repeat use of resources due to the extended time it takes to complete a set project. 
Employment loss. 
Due to the competitive capacity of people and the skills present, uneffective teams are easily and WILL be replaced by more knowledgeable and "team-minded" people, this will result in job loss and difficulty to again join the workforce as people must continuously upgrade their skills in order to be valuable to an organisation.

Missed opportunities. 
The end result that is produced by a team must be user-friendly so that it is valuable and very useful to both the end users and easy to navigate for the participators. If this is not the case, the team will have not effectively reach their goal and will have minimal interest generated in their target audience.

Project management tools

Scheduling of tasks. 
The basic organisation of a team is deeply embedded within the idea of scheduling tasks which evenly distributes precious time on sub-sets of a particular project. Time management skills allow a team to be clear with their aspects of participation within the project and be clear on their deadline and expectations.
Gantt charts. 
A Gantt chart allows time management to be displayed both visually and electronically, allowing the user to differentiate between the parts of the project that must be done first to allow other aspects to begin and continue and roughly estimate the length of time it will take to do each part of the project. This allows the user to divide their time effectively and efficiently so as not to reach their full potential.

Journals and diaries. 
This is a personal means of recording the individual emotionms of each member of the team and allow the member to evaluate how they felt throughout the duration of the project and what aspects could be altered in order to make the process of the project run more smoothly. A journal or diary also provides a fairly accurate record of the preceedings within the project which allows any end user or any person to evaluate the efficiency of the team and their value as well as to evaluate their particular style of teaching. it also gives an idea of how much time was spent on each part of the project and the how much participation was produced by each member of the team. YET all this depends on the competency and detailed entries by the owner of the journal or diary.

Funding management plan. 
The idea of a funding management plan allows an idea to be sought about the money being given to each part of the project, questioning what they will need and what are the final limitations of the far can it go? It provides a mind map prior and throughout the duration of the project so that there is a foundation that will provide the caretaker with a clear idea of how the money shall be distributed. This should include the cost of all the materials that will be needed by each group of the project at any time within the duration of the project.

Communication management plan. 
Communication of any sort is vital to the value of a team, it can make it or break it. Deciding prior to the initial steps of beginning the project what communication can be used, at what times and the main mean of communication is very important to allow effective use of time. If this is not done, the team may experience problems communicating when not face-to-face and more time and money will be severely wasted.