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31 Oct 08

1) Active Listening
         The idea of listening incorporates processing data that  is spoken into information that caters for the need of the    listener in order to work as a team ans effectively finish the task at and. Listening actively allows the end user to be clear of uncertainty.
2) Conflict Resolution
      It is not always the case that the two parties in a team are likely to agree, a solution is normally the case after using the techniques of compromise and thorough discussio, solving any misconceptions and uncertainties as this is normally the first place there is conflict.
3) Negotiation Skills
    This occurs between different parts of the team, coming from different aspects of the job, all trying to reach a common goal, this may include compromise.
 4) Interview Techniques
     The interviewer  should ask questions that are directly related to the task, asking for feedback that allows future changes for the better and more environmentally and friendly systems. The question should not be vague and should be created by the interviewer before hand so as to ask questions that are truly effective.
5) Team Building
      An effective team consists of helpful and knowledgeable, ready to distribute aspects of the work and collectively discuss problems and reach a conclusion.