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Pg. 54 Questions

1. Name the data components of a flat file information system?
It consists of a database normally consisting of a single file, which is made up of records, and these contain fields of which one key field differentiates them all, with characters expressing the information in a way that can be understood.
2. What additional components are found in a relational database?
Additional compenents are relationships, attributes and calculated fields.
3. What is a required field?
They are fields that cannot be left blank, they can be used to identify every record and sometimes may be the key fields. 
4. Why should relational databases be normalised?
These will allow the system to perform faster especially when uploading the relational database or when uploading into a new system and be significantly improved when using operations such as data searches, sorting and generating reports. Links that are redundant, such as one that are linked to other attributes in a relationship database instead of to the parent database can also be eliminated. This reduces unneccessary relationships.
5. In what situations would a required field be needed in a database?
A required field distinguishes records from other ones, they can be used to sort records in a desired method and search through the data of the records for the particular find. They particularly speed up the process of searching and finding.