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A major register

posted Jul 16, 2009, 11:43 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 17, 2009, 1:08 AM by Eddie Woo ]
I was experiencing a lot of difficulty in regards to the image medium for the mini-assignment, this was mainly because there were a lot of images and composing them on just one subpage was neither aesthically pleasing nor making the process of navigation easier. This is why I opted for a two pages of images that both linked to a central page, called "Musical 2009 Gallery". The process of choosing images that would make the cut to be seen on the Intranet was not an easy task, choosing around 25 from over a 100.
The structure of the page, "Musical 2009 Gallery" is cosistent with the rest of the Major assignment and mini-assignemnt. Image that was used was once again derived from
The subpage of "Musical Information" was in pretty bad shape before I altered it, the links led to nowhere and an error would appear everytime I tried to save my changes. I decided to delete the page and start a new one, a clean slate. I then linked words to documents that were saved in .jpg format and derived from "The Merry Widow" brochure. Within this subpage I also chose to have a sub-heading called "Useful Links" that had links to other websites about The Merry Widow, this was a way of allowing end users to become more informed about the Musical's synopsis.
To use the medium of hyperlink in a more quirky way as well on my mini-assignment, on some pages I would link words to WIkipedia so that they could understand it better, for instance on the subpage "Principal Opinion" the word "grisette" is linked.
I created more content on the main page of my mini-assignment, in the textbox I added "The Merry Widow" which links to Wikipedia. I was unable to get a synopsis or overview of the Musical by the Music faculty so I ended up opting for a link.
I am quite upset that I have not been sent any information or attachments from Mr. Wong who said that through email, he would send me material that I could put on the Music Faculty Weboage regarding Year 9-10, a Connected Learning assignment for Year 9. As well as short biographies on the Music Teachers, I also asked for any Musical multimedia but this was not delivered either.
Through conversation with Blair Wang, a solution occured to my problems with uploading the contents of the Musical DVD that was given to me by the Music Teachers, he said that he knew how I could put it up. So we devised a plan to meet up and do this BUT I then remembered tne conversation I had had with Mr. Yeo who said that I could not embed his already uploaded Musical YouTube files on as the school had not purchased some type of copyright. What I was planning to do was the same thing, I was going to put up video on YouTube that th school had not bought copyright for, therefore the situation was the same and I could not upload the Musical, which is a real bummer.
The audio file that I uploaded onto Woo Random Files a few days ago needed to be converted to .mp3 and it had not been converted before 12pm today. Last night while once again in conversation with Blair Wang I told him this fact and he taught me how to convert the file to .mp3 using iTunes, it was a very easy process so I ended up doing it myself. I uploaded the file onto the Music Faculty main page and whenever I tried to click on it, it would get stuck after a few seconds but I dod not get worried because I believe that it waould just be my computer as it is old and the QuickTime version was also old. Yet Mr. Woo did convert the file at around 12pm today and to be on the safe side, I deleted the previous attachment and added Mr. Woo's. The weird thing is that when I clicked on Mr. Woo's converted file, the whole audio worked without a glitch.
Maybe it just wasn't my computer.
Within the last few days, conversation with members of the apocalitpticDESIGN team has increased, especially with Blair Wang, Jason Ko and Komal Shah.
Komal created the textual recount of the Musical, Jason helped through the process of Support Documentation as we were both simultaneously doing it and were on MSN. Blair has helped me attach and convert audio files as well as answer queries about the Fuel for Project Registers task.
Upon reflection, the Gantt Chart could not have been further from the truth, the organised outlook of the Gantt Chart never occured due to continuous interruption such as Exams and the Japan trip. A requirement of the Support Documentation for the mini-assignment was to update the Gantt Chart to include the Extension as well as the mini-assignment. This aspect of the Gantt Ghart is absolutely true as it is updated after the mini-assignment is finished, hence the dates when things commence and conclude are known for sure.