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H6.1: Based on your answer to the H4.1 question, propose a solution for the 2010 apocalipticDesign team to develop and implement next year.

posted Jul 16, 2009, 4:11 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 16, 2009, 4:29 AM by Eddie Woo ]
The 2010 apocalipticDESIGN team should collaborate ideas that revolve around the idea of implementing video and animation into the Intranet, this will make the Intranet more interactive and allow the learning process to be more enjoyable. It will allow the team to experiment with different types of software and enhance the Intranet's appeal to end users.
As faculties and extra-curricular activities have been heavily processed and updates this year, next year's apocalipticDESIGN team may provide webpages and subpages that tailor to the need of uploading Daysheets and "The Best and Fairest". As well as creating a section where teachers have their own project registers so that they can update the student's of their various classes on what they will be learning in the future, uploading assignments and documenting important notices.
Feedback conducted by this year's apocalipticDESIGN team on the opinions of members of the wider JRAHS community regarding what they would like to see implemented on the Intranet and what they like/dislike particularly about the old and new Intranet was an absolute minimum. This is due to time restraints and other unforeseen challenges.
Making up for this, next year's team could conduct a large-scale feedback forum or questionnaire where they ask all of JRAHS about their opinions and analyse and process this infomration so that they can make more knowledgeable decisions about the Intranet in the future as well as change any existing aspects that are particularly disliked by the JRAHS community.
Such an endeavour would win over the confidence of the JRAHS community and allow them to feel part of the process in enhancing a commuication system of JRAHS.
These are my recommendations..