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Decision Making

posted Jun 3, 2009, 9:23 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 4, 2009, 6:10 PM by Eddie Woo ]
In a classwork post, identify the information processes that are most closely associated with each of the stages in Simon's model of decision-making and demonstrate why these are particularly relevant.
1. Intelligence - Collecting and analysing
Intelligence is a form of collecting as the data upon which a decision is going to be made must be collected from sources for the alternative decisions, the sources will be based upon the factors that cause a solution.
Intelligence is a form of analysing as the data that is collected must have a meaning and a purpose, in the case of a decision making, it must have something to do with factors that cause a problem and a solution. If the data collected has nothing to do with the problem, then it can be classified as redundant and useless.
2. Design - Processing
Design incorporates the process of processing as you are now able to manipulate the data to suit the needs of creating alternative decisions. A decision will be based on the collected data as well as being influenced by the initial problem, this data cannot be raw and must be changed in order to suit the output format, hence this is the process of processing.

Outline how the three-stage procedure might unfold in practical terms within the context of THREE of the following scenarios:

1. Organising a surprise birthday party for a friend
Intelligence -
Timing of the party will depend upon when the invited people are free, who to invite, when the party will be held, where it will be held, what the menu will consist of, what to get the friend, who will manage the surprise, catering choices, who will make the invitations and how will the invitations be transferred to the recipients
Design -
a) The party will be held on the weekend and only very close friends will be invited, catering will be that every one invited will bring a dish. Invitations will be through the phone and a new mobile will be the present. The menu will be Spanish food and everyone will pull their weight to manage the surprise.
b) The party will be held on a Friday night, catering will be done by the local restaraunt which is Chinese. Invitations will be through mail and money will be the gift. The surprise management will be done by the birthday person's best friend.
c) The party will be on a Monday night and the catering will be done by the birathday person's mother which will be assorted English. Invitations will be through email and the gift will be a holiday to the Great Barrier Reef. The management will be between the mother and the invited people.
Choice -
Situation a) seems the most plausible and realistically successful situation. The intelliegence factors are satisfactory and everyone included fairly. the surprise party is most likelt tot be a surprise in this choice than any other.
2. Planning a holiday outing with friends
Intelligence -
Where to go, When to go, How much you will pay for the holiday, How many days you will go for a holiday, Which friends will be coming, Which travel agent will you use, What deal will you accept.
Design -
a) The friends agree on The Bahamas and they will go throuv

3. Cooking a special meal for your family