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3rd Day of November

Project Management
Why would failure to function as a team lead to financial loss, employment loss and missed opportunities?
Failure to function as a team would result in minimal amount of produce, resulting in worse results and high cost whereas if you were able to work as a team you would produce optimum results for the same cost. Some tasks can only be accomplished when a team is working together, and opportunities can be missed if the team does not co-operate or function properly as a whole. Unco-operative or unproductive members of the team could be removed from their role, resulting in employment loss [and also financial loss]. 
Why are the various project management tools necessary for teams development systems?
Various project management tools such as the Gantt Chart helps organise the team by acting as a guideline and would also set a "standard", "goal" or "deadline" for the team to reach. It allows planning in advance, so during development of the project, you know what tasks have a higher priority and when you should complete your project.