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The Last Day(s) of October

Active Listening - making sure that you are correctly interpreting what you are listening [to prevent conflicts and to correctly perform tasks assigned to you]
Example - When the team leader is assigning tasks to you.
Conflict Resolution - solving problems/disagreements within the team.
Example - Deciding what would be best for a particular section of the project (opinion and discussion). Various members would have opposing opinions and ideas and the team must be capable of making compromise.
Negotiation skills - ability to resolve conflicts within the team under any conditions.
Example - Team members have differing opinions and believe they should have their own  idea implemented. A good team would have compromises and agreements without fighting.
Interview techniques - ability to provide and obtain useful feedback as utilising interview resources for improvement on the team project.
Example - Team leader obtains team feedback and ideas from members of the team for later use.
Team building - ability to function as a team in an environment of trust.
Example - Team members with more trust are can work together more freely and therefore will most likely accomplish more tasks.