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4th November

Advantages of Teamwork
What advantages are there for developing an information system with a team rather than as isolated individuals?
  • Increased productivity - The results would be of a higher quality (and quantity ['get more work done']). For example, the task can be evenly split amongst team members, whereas with individuals there would be cases of redundancy.
  • Enhanced job satisfication - More quality work can be accomplished, and this will result in ehanced job satisfication. An example would be similar to the one above.
  • The development of a quality system - A system is a collection of parts to achieve a common purpose/goal. To develop those parts, it is necessary for teams to test and develop the system, as doing so with only one person is an extremely difficult and impractical task.
Social and Ethical Issues
  • Individual privacy - There might be times where personal information is necessary for the completion of the system and when working as a team the security of your private information can be compromised.
  • Data security - As you will be working as a team, data will most likely be stored in a network connected to the other team members. As with any network, external access from other computers can severely compromise the security of whatever data you will have stored onto your system. With more people working on the data, the higher chance there will be some leak of information outside of the system.
  • Need for complete documentation - In order to use the the system effectively, a complete documentation is necessary for end users to read and utilize to use the system for its main purpose.