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Compressing photos

posted Jul 17, 2009, 12:29 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 17, 2009, 1:49 AM by Eddie Woo ]
The photos I used for the multimedia component were but a small fraction of the originals. The original amount of photos I took of the farm had a file count of 113, totalling up to approximately 270MB in terms of size. Each photo was also approximately 2-3MB in size, with photos with a bland background being smaller in size. For example this photo, before it was resized, was only 1.81MB:

Of course, I took the image resolution as a possible factor for the large file size (going off the Jacaranda textbook and the HSC course). Indeed, looking at the properties of the image I came to the conclusion that the extremely large image resolution (2816 X 2112) was most likely responsible for the large file size. I sought to reduce this to a much smaller size (below 300KB if possible) for optimal web transmission.

For optimal web transmission, the image need not be of greatest viewing quality and a large resolution can hinder browsing of the intranet as it takes up unnecessary space. The smaller image resolution allowed the image to be better used in conjunction with other forms of media, as well as allowing faster tranmission of image data, which is much better for computers on the slower end or users with low speed internet.

The conversion process

To actually convert the photos I utilised the batch function in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is [based on the Jacaranda textbook] most likely Presentation and authoring software.
First, I made sure that all the photos to be resized were in one folder which I titled "PHOTO". Then I opened the photo in photoshop and opened the Actions toolbar. Then I created a new action, giving it a name, and then commenced recording the action. What this does is make it act like a "VCR" of some sort by storing what actions I've done and be able to repeat these actions.

[click to enlarge]

While it is recording I then resized the image and saved it as JPEG [for better compression and lower file size] to another folder and then closed the image. By closing the image it stopped the action recording. I then went to file, automate and then batch and proceeded to select these options and select ok to allow photoshop to resize all those photos automatically.

The resizing process was processing while the conversion was actually organising.