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Opinions! - Major entry

posted Jan 30, 2009, 12:41 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 30, 2009, 12:52 AM by Eddie Woo ]
Design Decisions

  • I think I'll wait and see how the other faculties go, and have the home page go similarly to theirs, for the sake of consistency.
  • So far it appears that the home pages will include a lot of pictures or a large picture as well as a "navigational panel" (e.g. a text box linking to everything else.
Creation of content or features in the information system

Nothing. It virtually has remained the same since the last minor update. School starts however and hopefully I will be able to add more things!

Alternative ideas being considered

Not too sure if sorting them all in years instead of sections is a better idea but I'll have to see during feedback. Maybe I should get some opinions on that...

Communications with system users or participants

Although not participants yet I have asked a handful of people about what they would use the intranet [and more specifically, the agriculture faculty department] for. It seems the majority of people would use it for study resources such as past paper examinations and the answers for them, program outlines, electronic copies of assignments [in case they lose the sheet provided by the teacher] as well as resources such as powerpoints the teacher themselves have created.

Updates to the project timeline

Very very minor change to the gantt chart. I have pushed forward "Obtain additional resources" as I believe it can start very soon.