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The Intranet 7

posted Jul 17, 2009, 4:44 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 17, 2009, 5:15 AM by Eddie Woo ]
H7.1: Explain the management techniques used during this project.

Gantt chart - First and foremost this is what the project has been following throughout all of the development stages. The Gantt chart detailed the stages of development of the project and it was part of the project prospectus. The Gantt chart was modified a few times to incorporate more expansive goals and additional components to the project.
Project Prospectus - Detailed the outcomes and the objectives of the project. Also defined what the project should cover and in what context the intranet would be in. Basically the Project Prospectus served as a guideline to the project.
Collaboration with team participants - Team members often communicated with each other and Mr. Woo to manage their project. For example, Mr. Woo was able to provide project management advice to various team members when they asked and then these members are able to talk to the others about it. Mr. Woo also helped set milestones for us to reach, such as the Fuel for Project Registers post.
Project Register - A major component of the project that keeps track of what we do throughout the course of the project. It may also include screenshots which are another form of documentation [a management technique].
Project Register Repository - An index which lists each project post and when they were created/modified etc.