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Exam discussion post

posted Mar 25, 2009, 7:42 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 25, 2009, 8:03 PM by Eddie Woo ]
Section A
11) Apparently a trick question. And I fell for it.
17) Something I should've known but option B looked formidable... I considered "increasing data security" an issue in a network and therefore it shuold be an aim/concern in networks. However, it is not a main aim.
Section B
21a) Needed to get to the point. Discussion about accessibility and encryption should be included. Durability (and therefore safety) of paper DBs could have been discussed.
b) yay. =]
c) Ran out of time ==". All I wrote was that it should be online (and therefore classified as Hypermedia).  Discuss the advantages of hypermedia, mainly the advantages it has over the other commonly used media for mass-distribution (optical discs).
22a) Storing and Retrieving. Discuss about reports.
Transmitting/Receiving. Discuss about the system itself, not in a general system.
d) Discuss another issue: Added redundancy...
Actually that's it I guess.
23a) Worded badly. Shut down was in terms of network capabilities, but the way I worded it suggested that the individual operate of a node relied on the central network.
b) Too vague. Needed to actually represent the flow (each step, which I didn't really know) of data.
c) Add more reasons. Less processing power, less local storage needed, increased network traffic through router.
Section C
25b) More effects:
Price reduced.
Privacy and security decreased.
Decrease in speed. etc.
d) Long distance transactions. Conventional theft less effective.