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Trial HSC Exam Review

posted Sep 7, 2009, 3:14 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 7, 2009, 3:51 PM by Eddie Woo ]
Section A
6) The answer is NOT SQL but QBE (Query by Example), where there's a form and you fill it out and a SQL command is generated based on what you input. It is therefore faster than SQL itself. However, we didn't really cover QBE.
9) Correct answer is actually C). I assumed the video file was downloaded first (via streaming) and then played back, which would be a limitation of mobile phone speakers but in reality it was not the case as the user would be watching as they are downloading.
Section B
21)a) (ran out of time) Did not manage to finish "Describe one ethical issue" and only managed to complete the social issue. I'd assume that's where I lost my mark (2/3) and I got full marks for the first part.
b) Not enough discussion/explanation on various parts of the system. The participants are NOT just the runners. Talk about the software about the system.
c) Major case of DNAQ. Should talk about what the criteria would consist of to MEASURE the success of the new system. Did not discuss enough about what parts of the system could be used to determine the success of the system.
Section C
21) i) Somehow stupidly wrote 2^24 as opposed to 24 (I should read over what I write). However, one thing I would've forgotten to do is convert bits to bytes. I did, however, remember to convert the file to bytes and then to kilobytes.
ii) Always relate the answer to the actual image. That is all.
22) b) Do not describe what multimedia analysis and their functions but just talk about the hypermedia elements (text, audio, hypertext, audio, images, video). Wasted too much time here but got full marks.
c) Watch the colloquialism.
d) Also watch for colloquial language.