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Andrew's Classwork


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 Group Instruction  Teacher talking up front  
 Peer Training    
 Online Training  Electronic textbook  
 Printed Manuals  Physical textbook  

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A dollar value could be determined for:
  • Increased sales:
    • The more the company can sell, the more they would have to value, and take into account any profits made that would affect 

3/9/10 - Exam review

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Q3. Not EVERYTHING is under automatically under copyright (ie Creative Commons)
Q5. Compression is not just to reduce file size
Q19. Digital data can be analysed and displayed without the use of specialised harware, it is actually an approximation
Q22.a) DO NOT list the collected data, list how it is collected
       b) Need more details and examples of possible abuse of data
Q23.c) Degradation of data IS NOT a weakness of storing data manually. Alos, more examples needed for manual based storage system advantages/disadvantages

Manual analysing pt.2

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  1. Mars mice:
    1. The reason why we need a physical test for this experiment is because we are not sure of the actual conditions the mice will be facing, and thus cannot program them in. As all simulations require conditions to be input as data, without any idea of conditions there will be no data for us to program in, that is the whole point of having this experiment. Also, the physical effects of such physical conditions would be much harder to determine.

NCB/CB Analysing Sequence

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  1.  The data contained within the White Pages is numerical and text data.
  2. Data that can be retrieved is:
    1. Adresses
    2. Phone numbers
    3. Business names
  3. The data has been analysed by:
    1. Sorting into alphabetical order
    2. Labelling businesses that pay more
    3. Dotted lines make finding corresponding data easier
  4. CB alternatives:
    2. Address books
    3. Manually made databases
  5. Advantages:
    1. Quicker search
    2. Advertisement based


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Analysing is the process that represents and summarises data so that humans can understand it.
The three essentail pieces of hardware required for analysis are the Central Processing Unit, Primary Storage devices and Secondary storage devices.
Their purposes are: the CPU is used to perform the calculationes needed for analysis. The primary storage is where the data from calculations are stored while still being used. The secondary storage is where the data is stored after it has been analysed.


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The data that needs to be organised in a video data file is image and audio data, for the pictures and the sound that are in most animations.

Video data is data that uses actual images instead of vectors, which are used in animations. Animations (like Japanese Cartoon) use vector data (as demonstrated) so that no matter how far you zoom in, the image will always be clear.

Data is organised in GIF by stitching together a few different images at a relatively low frame rate.

Other conventional real image videos show the pictures normally at between 20 and 30 frames per second, which is enough to trick the human eye into thinking that it is viewing actual movements. 


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The data is stored as musical notation which can be played by a computer as normal audible sound. The computer can save the score as a MuseScore or a MIDI file, where the data is stored as each individual note. Each note is stored using a mathematical formula depending on duration, pitch, location, volume, and what instrument made the sound (piano, trumpet, etc.)

The processes that benefit from the use of MuseScore or MIDI files involve organising, storing and retrieving, and transmitting and receiving.

Audio Data

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Audio File Format
Which processes are made easier by this organising method?
Which processes are made harder by this organising method?
1. Retains higher sound quality as it preserves the original bitrate, making displaying better.
1. Storing & Retrieving, because the lack of compression makes file sizes enormous.
2. Transmitting and Receiving, due also to the larger file sizes.
1. Transmitting & Receiving, because file sizes are reduced.
1. Displaying, because reduced sound quality means reduced something.
1. Allows for easier editing dyue to the format of the data.
1. Slightly larger file sizes makes T&R more difficult.
2. The slightly larger file size also makes
1. Less complexity than .mp4 files makes storing and retrieving as
1.Higher sound quality makes displaying better and easier


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  • Organising is getting data ready for other processes.
  • It may be represented in a different way.
  • You're going to organizing you data differently to suit what you are going to do to it.


  • Processing
  • Transmitting and Receiving
    • Whenever you attach a file to an email, every attachment you attach to an email is converted to text
  • Storing and Retrieving
  • Analysing
  • Displaying


  • Organising methods and their unique uses.


    • An RGB value is 3 numbers, e.g., 255, 0, 0
    • When we press invert, it takes the opposite of the colours in the image.
  • Blur:
    • The data is
  • Hue and Saturation:
    • When we adjust hue and saturation, we are cycling around the RGB values.
    • Saturation intensifies the colour values.
    • Desaturation removes the amount of RGB in the image.
Vector data:
    Vector data is the representation of an image using mathematical equations.
      It is poor at representing photos.
      It is good at representing shapes without losing any quality.
      It is good at representing Bezier Curves.
    • It is good at preservation of data.

    What is the purpose of the following methods of organising images?

    1. BMP:
      JPG: JPG files are compressed in a lossy way, meaning that it loses detail the more that it is compressed. Usually, JPG are compressed by taking out a few pixels, which the naked eye will usually not notice, or by taking out a few colours.
      EXIF: This format is generally used in digital cameras. It is based on the  JPG and TIFF file formats with the addition of metadata tags.
      RAW: This image data type is used in some digital cameras, and is so called because the data has undergone minimal processing.
      PNG: A file format originally intended to replace the ageing GIF format (as seen by the name PNG's Not GIF). It is a bitmapped image format that uses lossless compression.
      SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics is an XML based file format for describing Vector graphics. It stores each shape of an image, instead of pixels, and so can be easily resized without becoming pixelated.

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