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The Joys of Project Management

Samuel's IT company has used the same outside contractor, Cheuk, to install electrical and LAN cabling for the information systems they develop. Although happy with the quality of Cheuk's work, they find that quotes from competing contractors are significantly less expensive. Identify the parties involved and discuss how each party could best prepare prior to negotiations commencing.

There would no negotiation as it is can be concluded that Cheuk provides the highest quality work for the "lowest" price. In this situation, Samuel is clearly being paranoid as he wouldn't be looking for quotes if he didn't intend on ripping Cheuk off. The competing contractors are clearly out to sabotage Cheuk's honest day's work and probably don't know the difference between LAN, WAN, and Windows. Therefore, Cheuk is entitled to payment (on top of compensation for defamation) and is no longer obliged to provide his services. =) 

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