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01/11/10 - S&E Issues in Project Management

posted Oct 31, 2010, 4:51 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 10, 2010, 12:28 AM ]
1. Debate Topic

When a project development team develops a new system, copyright should belong to the individual members of the development team and not the development company.
2. Questions
(a) Outline the content of a typical funding management plan.
This is a record of the scheduling and costing of tasks and other expenses. It should specify how and when the funds will be allocated to each task. Procedures should be in place for ordering a product or service during the system's development. Accounts should be kept for each task to ensure that the task is completed on budget. Also, funds may have to be redistributed during development and there should be flexibility in the plan to do this.
(b) Outline the content of a typical communications management plan.
This is a record of when meetings are to be held throughout the development of the information system, the purpose of each meeting and who should attend. Information management software such as e-mail or electronic calendars can help the project leader to manage information and schedule tasks. A line of communication should be set up so that each group knows who to contact when answers to questions are required.
    (c) Predict likely consequences for projects developed without:
     (i) a funding management plan
The lack of a funding management plan would likely result in unsupervised spending. It would be extremely difficult to stay on budget, if there was actually one to adhere to. There would also be different methods of spending (e.g. cash payments, EFT transfers) which would make it even more difficult to track given their varied nature. Audits and checks would quite likely reveal unauthorised transactions and discrepancies in cash flow statements.
     (ii) a communications management plan.
The lack of a communications management plan would likely result in general inefficiency. More time would be spent clarifying misinterpretations than actually progressing on the project. Overlap in communications may occur due a range of mediums in communication. Certain members may prefer face-to-face communication and value its personal interaction, whilst others may value the easy access and convenience of video conferencing. Conflicts may arise in these situations where mediums of contact are not specified.

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