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21/10/10 - Communications MP

posted Oct 20, 2010, 8:46 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 5, 2010, 5:52 PM ]
A communications management plan facilitates effective communication both in and outside the team.

Things to Consider

  • Medium
Email, telephone, VOIP, Skype, Facebook, IM, forum, pager, fax, face-to-face, letter (post)
  • Line - so that each group knows who to contact when answers to questions are required
  • Progress updates
    • Scheduling meetings - include the purpose/who should attend
    • Noticeboard
    • Bulletin
    • Memos
  • Changing/emerging requirements & circumstances
Describe the four features of a comprehensive communications management plan.
  • Medium
  • Lines
  • Progress update
  • Changing/emerging requirements & circumstances
(a) Identify as many different types of medium that would be suitable for professional communications between project team members and clients.
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Face-to-Face
  • Fax
  • Pager
(b) Select two of the types from part (a) and contrast them with reference to their unique strengths and weaknesses. Describe scenarios where each one would be particularly appropriate or useful.
  • Face-to-Face
  • Forum
Face-to-Face is more personal and body language, tone etc. can be communicated, making misinterpretation less likely. However, it is more time consuming.
The use a forum does not require meeting physically and saves time. However, clarity may not always be achieved. 
Explain why explicit lines of communication should be specified in the context of a information system development project that is being developed for a client business.
  • Reduced confusion
  • Not wasting time
  • Relevant people are contacted
Outline a communications management plan for a web design firm whose project is to completely remake the JRAHS public website.


  • E-mail
  • Face-To-Face

Team members - Respective task group leader - Project coordinator - Client (JRAHS)

Progress updates
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Noticeboard
Changing/emerging requirements & circumstances

Allowing client (JRAHS) to contact design firm regarding:
  • Upcoming dates/events that have yet to be finalised
  • New content (e.g. newly created co-curricular group)
  • New ideas (e.g. a dedicated page for each year group)

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