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posted Sep 16, 2010, 7:13 AM by Unknown user

Vithoo's already said most of, I just wanted the last word. HAahahaa , actually, that wasn't my purpose. Anyways, as I'm typing now, Mr. Woo still hasnt closed editing to our websites yet, but EVRS' I - SHIELD Company Web page was completed 11.57pm ! :)
So yeah, we made the deadline ahaha :)
And just emphasising Vithoo, we REALLY  pulled our selves together these last 2 days. I managed to do the catalogue in one day LOL. because, as a group that didn't properly plan, we didn't realise that we had to do a catalogue. So we did it TODAY ! and we made like 20 extra posts on our Corporate Blog... THANKS SUREN for your super hefty contribution to that!
AND GOOD WORK EVERYBODY again! I've already double checked it, and everythings all good :)

Compare the Pair

posted Sep 16, 2010, 6:17 AM by Unknown user

We have pulled off an awesome come back in the last few weeks. Everyone has done as much as they could possibly could and of course, we tried our hardest.

Our end product.. We love it. It's pretty flashy and does pull together many of the aspects which a website selling a product should. The design report has come together nicely with a healthy last-minute contribution by Mr Yuan. I've printed it out and came to check out the website which Liz and Su-Ren have pretty much been working on all day.

In comparison the website we had say two weeks ago, I believe we have developed a perfectly workable online information system which is ready for operation and is sustainable. Our company, I - SHIELD, would be a great success (especially with the high-profile employees we have in our ranks).

Nevertheless, our work here is somewhat done (in about a half hour).


posted Sep 15, 2010, 3:38 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 15, 2010, 4:47 AM ]

Everything is coming together... SO far. Me Vithoo Rodger are concentrating more when we get together in our IPT sessions, which is a good sign.
I've finished editing the employee section and the biographies. So anybody touch it and die :)
Doing the Employee Biographies is actually hilarious. I made Hugh Jackman be 'Muay Thai' international representative, simply because I found it funny :)
Just for reference, here's the celebrities used for images...
Director - Reese Witherspoon
Secretary - Anne Hathaway (A nod to 'Devil Wears Prada' hahaha)
Graphic Design - Jennifer Lopez
Graphic Design - Carson Kes.... something
Machine Operator - Hugh Jackman <333
Web Manager - Jeremy Renner ... really random, but yeah
Finished PARTS!:
-Employee Seciton
-Contact Us
Actually there might be more, but I was the editor/responsible one for those parts, so that why i know ahahaha
But I've final edited them, and may add final touches, but anybody, play around with the content, ... I won't be happy >.> You can final touch it though! :)
Design report should be coming along well. I did the background info by bullet point, and tried to put some of it into DESIGN report form, but ... I shoulf just leave it to VITHOO. So yeah. I handed my done stuff to Vithoo cos I;m noob at writing. Rodger also helped a bit. VITHOO is a tank at writing, leave that to him! And those company annpouncements, I tried and failed...
I MUST DO LOGO! WAHHH . well final touch it.
RODGER : as you can see, he did the business spreadsheet, customer list, gantt chart :)
Background : Nobody change please! I'm happy with it (cos I chose it hahaa) but I've based logo stuff around it... so not good to change.

Time to edit

posted Sep 14, 2010, 5:29 AM by Unknown user

I have finally finished our business spreadsheet and our groups design report is also almost done. Our website is coming along well but we still have to add employees and a section on how our company innovates with technology. Since our group project is due this friday, which is in 3 days, we really need to cut to the chase and start editing our work and finalising all the parts of our project.
Attached is the new and improved business spreadsheet. i think it may need going over...

Worker Profiles

posted Sep 6, 2010, 4:00 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 9, 2010, 10:52 PM by Unknown user ]

I've completed the worker profiles for i think most of the participants in the running of the I - SHIELD business. I'm still working on how i'm going to post this on the website. I'll make up the biographies as I go along as well. And after that, i'll post up the System Dev Life Cycle. ks? I've made another post on the website as well.
It'll be tnite too i promise. Then get polys ready for Pass Out tommorrow.
I'm gonna get a lot more work done today, first day without cousins in my house. YAY!!
pschttt..liz helped with the worker profiles okay? and shes still helping :) in fact she was the original creator

System Development Cycle

posted Sep 6, 2010, 4:00 AM by Unknown user

    People who:

o   are use technology in the form of mobile phones, consoles and iPods

o   want a more attractive flair to their device

o   Prone to damaging or scratching their device

o   Feel protective over their electronic accessories (believe it is vulnerable)


Understanding the Problem

                Methods of collecting data: E-mail surveys, Pop-Ups, Surveys on our website, Mail (postings), on the street hand-outs, street surveys,

                Questions to be asked through these data collection methods can include: What kind of technology would you normally use?, What model of the technology devices do you use?, Have you ever heard of using “skins” to protect your tech. devices?, Why do you believe skins are useful?, What kind of designs would you prefer as your skins?, How much are you willing to pay for a high-quality skin design?, Would you prefer to purchase skins in store or online? Why?, If you were to purchase online, which payment methods would you prefer?

From this, the user needs and ideas for the development of this system can be comprehended; hence the actual problem can be understood. From these questions, knowledge that can be extracted include: the types of models and technology are the most popular and thus what products we would provide skins for, a reasonable pricing of products and how we would price our intended products, what designs are most popular (hence which designs to place on the website and in what order) and possible payment methods to use online/in store.


Making Decisions

Constraints concerning the design of the company:

-          Costing: seeing whether the skins production/selling is economically feasible such that users will not have to pay enormous amounts of money to purchase them (how many skins should be sold in order to keep the company afloat with reasonable prices). Delivery as a factor must also be considered. How we are to set out our budget as a whole must be taken into consideration

-          Requirements of technology: determining what technology will be required to produce the skins that will suit the needs of the users (i.e. high quality & long-lasting). Various film skins manufacturing machine have to be researched, and finding the most suitable option. Cutting utensils should also be decided upon

-          Use of the website: a major concern is how we are to present what we as a company offer users. The website must be user-friendly, and easy to manage. Decisions will include background colour & general aesthetic appeal, setting out of skins designs (how they are to be displayed), and how we say our product is better than others using a motto, principles and mission statement

-          Time: a decision on when this company will be up and running is needed (whether we have enough time to finish the website and get everything into place)


Design a Solution

We have continued developing a website which allows users to conveniently look through any skins designs. There have also been methods to allow users to be actively updated with any latest news, and see pre-answered questions about our company and how it works.

A user feedback centre still has not been developed, but I do believe would be a good idea. Also, a way to let users log in to their account if they have been previous customers will work well. Designs have been selected that the public will definitely like, and technology to manufacture these designs have been researched and decided upon. Contacts are have been listed on the website to allow any further feedback from the user about purchased are about-to purchase skins.

A feasible method of marketing, producing and selling our product as hence been made.


Testing, Evaluating, and Maintaining

The website has been completed at its core, and is regularly maintained with the posting of recent events I – SHIELD is participating in. User responses can again be found through the website or through e-mail or phone contacting, which allows us as a company to evaluate and further improve on this test system. I – SHIELD will from this become both a feasible and sustainable corporation.

Order Form Now Online

posted Sep 4, 2010, 8:45 PM by Unknown user

I have created an online order form which will be essential to the operating of I-Shield. For some reason only some of the form is displayed but the rest can be accessed by using the tab button. Mr Woo please help me! :(
I am now working on my scripted interview. VITHOO hurry up and post the System Development Lifecycle!!!

Business Spreadsheet + more...

posted Sep 4, 2010, 5:30 AM by Unknown user

Today i finally got time to do some ipt work. On our website i made a new post on our wesite announcements on new skins for the new ipods. i also added some information detailing the products that we provide. i also spent a long time doing our business spreadsheet. i had to research all the prices and everything and then make up so many customer details. i am now on the verge of finishing the business spreadsheet. finally... i will finish it tomorow or some later time. It is just a draft.
Mr Woo can u please check if i did it right because im not sure if i have everything.

Library Session

posted Sep 2, 2010, 10:48 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 4, 2010, 11:47 PM ]

Ks. Me and Vithoo are at Epping Library. Workiiinggg :)
Hm. Ive been working on logo...
From this: 
To this:
So far. I'm still developing it. Maybe I'll make several different ones and put them up for choosing. But yeahh :)
ANDDDDD after studying for the yearly, I think I've gotten a better idea of how the process analysis should go :D
So yeah. Working on that too.


posted Aug 22, 2010, 4:25 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 22, 2010, 4:30 AM ]

I've made another post on our website concerning the "release of the iPhone 4 skins" of our site. Promoting these new skins, providing a few example skins and reasons why consumers can trust and purchase our products are what most of the remarks are concerned with here in this post. Other than this, i'm not too sure what everyone else is doing (probably secretly prep. for the prelim) JOKES. We'll probably fit at least a session this week into this project nevertheless. =D

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