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Compare the Pair

posted Sep 16, 2010, 6:17 AM by Unknown user
We have pulled off an awesome come back in the last few weeks. Everyone has done as much as they could possibly could and of course, we tried our hardest.

Our end product.. We love it. It's pretty flashy and does pull together many of the aspects which a website selling a product should. The design report has come together nicely with a healthy last-minute contribution by Mr Yuan. I've printed it out and came to check out the website which Liz and Su-Ren have pretty much been working on all day.

In comparison the website we had say two weeks ago, I believe we have developed a perfectly workable online information system which is ready for operation and is sustainable. Our company, I - SHIELD, would be a great success (especially with the high-profile employees we have in our ranks).

Nevertheless, our work here is somewhat done (in about a half hour).