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posted Sep 15, 2010, 3:38 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 15, 2010, 4:47 AM ]
Everything is coming together... SO far. Me Vithoo Rodger are concentrating more when we get together in our IPT sessions, which is a good sign.
I've finished editing the employee section and the biographies. So anybody touch it and die :)
Doing the Employee Biographies is actually hilarious. I made Hugh Jackman be 'Muay Thai' international representative, simply because I found it funny :)
Just for reference, here's the celebrities used for images...
Director - Reese Witherspoon
Secretary - Anne Hathaway (A nod to 'Devil Wears Prada' hahaha)
Graphic Design - Jennifer Lopez
Graphic Design - Carson Kes.... something
Machine Operator - Hugh Jackman <333
Web Manager - Jeremy Renner ... really random, but yeah
Finished PARTS!:
-Employee Seciton
-Contact Us
Actually there might be more, but I was the editor/responsible one for those parts, so that why i know ahahaha
But I've final edited them, and may add final touches, but anybody, play around with the content, ... I won't be happy >.> You can final touch it though! :)
Design report should be coming along well. I did the background info by bullet point, and tried to put some of it into DESIGN report form, but ... I shoulf just leave it to VITHOO. So yeah. I handed my done stuff to Vithoo cos I;m noob at writing. Rodger also helped a bit. VITHOO is a tank at writing, leave that to him! And those company annpouncements, I tried and failed...
I MUST DO LOGO! WAHHH . well final touch it.
RODGER : as you can see, he did the business spreadsheet, customer list, gantt chart :)
Background : Nobody change please! I'm happy with it (cos I chose it hahaa) but I've based logo stuff around it... so not good to change.