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Recent Stuff

posted Sep 16, 2010, 1:41 AM by Unknown user

One of the problems that came up was that our information on different pages didn't match. For example, on our first announcement it said that GG Times was established this year on July the 23rd. However, on our employee biographies, we had some members listed down as having worked at GG Times for over 10 years. We are also contemplating the idea of putting pictures in the biographies. We may put some in if we have time and if we think it is really necessary.
Basically everything else is completed. Some blog entries may be submitted to make the quality better. In class we have gone through the marking rubric thoroughly, and we are pretty sure that we didn't miss out on anything. A change made after going through the rubric was putting in academic qualifactions and business experience in for the employees. Sumedh also realised that we did not really do the design report properly, as we had initially just listed examples of the 7 processes that occured in the creation of the website. This was fixed.
A lot of communication is going today for last-minute assigning of the small roles, such as adding blog entries or reviewing the employees and technology sections.


posted Sep 15, 2010, 4:54 PM by Unknown user

Today is the last day before we have to submit our website. Mr. Woo said that he would close access to our websites at around midnight today, so that means that we have to complete any last minute editing that we need to do. The remaining that there is left for us to do is to imporve th look of our employee biographies and make it more user-friendly and contain more information that is needed to fulfill the marking rubric. So far we are doing better than other groups because our group is very organised and sticks to our Gantt Chart because me and Sumedh get very angry if we do not.

Progress in Editing

posted Sep 14, 2010, 12:32 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 15, 2010, 12:00 AM ]

Over the past 2-3 days, we have made progress on the editing side of things and various people have contributed to different people's original tasks. The progress we have made and what there is still left to do is:

 Aspect of Project

Progress Made & Remaining Tasks 

Front Page 

Completed, little editing procedures can be done to make it look better 

 About Us


Employee Listing 

The majority of the employee profiles have been completed, however all members of the group are being consulted in order to prevent offensive or inappropriate information from being included in the Employee Profile (FRANK) 


 Their is still room for improvement in terms of more posts being added but the majority of it is of a high level


Finished, it is entitled Advertising Rates on our website. This was decided in the first few weeks of the project as the budget and income was the main factor influencing the success and operation of our company. This also flowed onto the business spreadsheet

Innovate with Technology

 Completed and edited by several members of the group

Design Report

 Mostly done, little editing can be still done

Business Spreadsheet 



Ongoing thing. The majority of the posts occur after collaboration with the group members and are often edited by several members at a time to ensure information is up to date and accurate  

Results of testing

posted Sep 11, 2010, 9:23 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 14, 2010, 3:01 AM by Unknown user ]

Following the completion of the first draft of our website, testing and editing of the website had to take place to ensure its user friendliness. An example of testing was:

Testing occurred when we decided to create a special feature on our website, which was the online form. Users of the website could submit any complaints, advice or details to us by filling out the form and pressing enter. However, we had to make sure that this worked, so we had to test out the forms ourselves. This also encompasses transmitting and receiving because our details were sent to Michael’s inbox, and by receiving the email, we knew that the online form had worked. The feedback we received from this was that the online form was working and that we could make more of them to meet the needs of the user. The online form is not

I finished editing About Our company section to the quality I felt that we needed. This meant that ideas from Frank who completed the About Our company and my ideas were both used in the section, further improving the quality of the content of our website. I also completed the Innovation with Technology to the best of my ability and that will be edited by Michael when he comes back from AIS. Overall, in this weekend we have made lots of progress, with the design report completed from contributions from all members of the group and Michael also added new features to our website to improve its aesthetic appeal and user friendliness. 

So far the work that we need to do is edit Employee Listing, add new things in corporate blog, and edit catalogue and business spreadsheet. Other than that we are on track to submit good quality work on Friday. 

System Development Life cycle Part 2

posted Sep 10, 2010, 12:21 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 10, 2010, 12:37 AM ]

This is a continuation of the previous post. We managed to finish it in class while writing it on word, and while we were posting it up onto our register the bell rang.We had done that on Michael's account and seeing that Michael is away today and none of us can edit his previous post, we are now writing the rest of the task underneath.

Understanding the Problem: Our problem is that newspapers these days are constantly being stereotyped as being ''entertainment'' for the elderly. It is also being stereotyped as boring, unengaging, plain pieces of paper. As a result of this people have decided to back away from using the newspaper and are now using the Internet to read their daily news. This affects many newspaper publishing companies.
Making Decisions: If we were to be able to produce and distribute entertaining, engaging newspaper for the young and old, we need an appropriate combination of celebrity guests and entertainment articles while being as informative as any newspaper around. We also had to manage the budget, to record an feasible profit. In the end, we decided to make a decision stating that our company, GG Times, would distribute newspapers freely around the Sydney Metro in place such as hospitals, cafes and train stations. 
Designing a Solution: After making this decision about what our company is, we then had to design a solution to rectify the original problem and support the decision we made. The solution to this was to be a website that would allow young people to see the reasons behind our company, the people it employs, announcements and any new company activities, catalogue displaying our services and the ways in which we use and innovate with technology. The most important section that would catch the eyes of young readers, would be the way we use technologies as this disassociates us with the boring old newspaper companies, as we use new and upcoming technology, something which young people like.

Implementing the Solution:The implementation of the solution was the creation of our online information system i.e. website on the basis of the system specifications outlined when designing the solution. It also includes the adding of the various information that we had designed to put up to attract young readers and making the website look aesthetically pleasing.

Testing, Maintaining, Evaluating:Our information system was testes through the use of asking various people in the group as to what they had thought of the look of the website and if it had achieved all the tasks that were designed to rectify the problem. This involved participant and user responses. Our website was maintained through the use of appropriate software i.e. Google Sites and by the constant inputting of data by the participants. Constant evaluation took place to ensure that the tasks that were completed had fulfilled the original problem. This was done by the other participants involved in the creation and maintenance of the online information system.

Post Marking Rubric Stage-Editing Roles

posted Sep 10, 2010, 12:12 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 14, 2010, 12:42 AM ]

After receiving the marking rubric, we were all shocked to see that each task counted for such a large mark and hence we decided that we must step up a notch if we are to get the best possible mark. In order for this to happen, editing roles were assigned to each so that the critique and constructively edit and evaluate the tasks that someone else had completed. This is possible due to the fact that everyone has completed their original tasks to the best of their ability and our group will now start the editing process. This is most likely to finish over the weekend and in the next week other people will edit the edited work and in this process, the outcome will be of a much higher standard. 
For example, the task labeled "How we Innovate with Technology" was one that I had done but after seeing the marking rubric, I have decided that the effort I put into the first drat was not enough and I expanded on it and this will now be edited by Michael. The receiving of the marking rubric and the allocation of marks has changed our views on the quantity and quality of work as it must be of a high standard due to the high marks given.

Editing Roles
Front Page and all the overall design of the website-Michael
About the Company-Sumedh
Employee Listing-Frank
Corporate Blog-mainly Stephen but everyone in the group will contribute
Catalogue-has been constructed and Michael is designing it to make it look good
How We Innovate With Technology-Michael
Design Report-Sumedh
Business Spreadsheet-Everyone in the group
Group Register-everyone in the group.

New Item on Sidebar of Website

posted Sep 3, 2010, 10:33 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 15, 2010, 11:39 PM ]

Frank searched other websites and found that some of them had a sidebar item named "careers" allowing someone to apply for a job. Therefore, I created a new item on the sidebar, on the basis of Frank's advice, and put in a jot form which Michael showed me how to make. What our company would do with this new item is the best applicants who send in the form would be called in for an interview. This is only valid when new jobs are available. A flyer about the advertising rates was also made and added as an attachment to one of the pages.

System Development Lifecycle for GG Times

posted Sep 1, 2010, 4:36 PM by Unknown user

Understanding the Problem: Our problem is that newspapers these days are constantly being stereotyped as being ''entertainment'' for the elderly. It is also being stereotyped as boring, unengaging, plain pieces of paper.
Making Decisions: If we were to be able to produce and distribute entertaining, engaging newspaper for the young and old, we need an appropriate combination of celebrity guests and entertainment articles while being as informative as any newspaper around. We also had to manage the budget, to record an feasible profit.
Designing a Solution: We came up with a solution to rectify this problem. We created a website to satisfy the needs of the young, while still producing the newspaper.

Design Report Progress

posted Sep 1, 2010, 4:18 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 14, 2010, 3:06 AM by Unknown user ]

Today, at school during the triple IPT we worked on our design report. We asked Mr. Woo if we could extend the word count for the design to 4000 words so that we could elaborate on the processes. Unfortunately Mr Woo would not comply; but he agreed not to take any marks of if we did noty go over 2500. That leaves us with 310 words per process and the Information Technology.
Today we have made progess on our Design Report, the last bit of our project. We compiled examples of processes as a group. We have set a due date for our entire report, 09/09/10. We also updated our website, creating a new form and a new subpage. Stephen has completed the employee biographies and Frank will continue editing Our Cause. Sumedh will upload his final version of Our Innovation with Technology.

Website Progress

posted Aug 31, 2010, 12:26 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 14, 2010, 3:01 AM by Unknown user ]

Sorry for no post last week but we made no progress on our assignment as we all preparing for our IPT Preliminary Final Exam.

Our Public Website's first draft is finished and we must have some time at the end to edit each others work. The amount of time we have to edit is one week and seeing that the Assignment is due on 17th September, this means that we must finish our entire assignment by next Thursday so that we have a week and one day to edit each others work. Since I have already started my part for the design report, this should mean that our design report ,with everyone contributing, should finish by next Thursday. Our Business Spreadsheet is already finished as we had finished it last term in class.  

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