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Post Marking Rubric Stage-Editing Roles

posted Sep 10, 2010, 12:12 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 14, 2010, 12:42 AM ]
After receiving the marking rubric, we were all shocked to see that each task counted for such a large mark and hence we decided that we must step up a notch if we are to get the best possible mark. In order for this to happen, editing roles were assigned to each so that the critique and constructively edit and evaluate the tasks that someone else had completed. This is possible due to the fact that everyone has completed their original tasks to the best of their ability and our group will now start the editing process. This is most likely to finish over the weekend and in the next week other people will edit the edited work and in this process, the outcome will be of a much higher standard. 
For example, the task labeled "How we Innovate with Technology" was one that I had done but after seeing the marking rubric, I have decided that the effort I put into the first drat was not enough and I expanded on it and this will now be edited by Michael. The receiving of the marking rubric and the allocation of marks has changed our views on the quantity and quality of work as it must be of a high standard due to the high marks given.

Editing Roles
Front Page and all the overall design of the website-Michael
About the Company-Sumedh
Employee Listing-Frank
Corporate Blog-mainly Stephen but everyone in the group will contribute
Catalogue-has been constructed and Michael is designing it to make it look good
How We Innovate With Technology-Michael
Design Report-Sumedh
Business Spreadsheet-Everyone in the group
Group Register-everyone in the group.