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posted Sep 16, 2010, 1:41 AM by Unknown user
One of the problems that came up was that our information on different pages didn't match. For example, on our first announcement it said that GG Times was established this year on July the 23rd. However, on our employee biographies, we had some members listed down as having worked at GG Times for over 10 years. We are also contemplating the idea of putting pictures in the biographies. We may put some in if we have time and if we think it is really necessary.
Basically everything else is completed. Some blog entries may be submitted to make the quality better. In class we have gone through the marking rubric thoroughly, and we are pretty sure that we didn't miss out on anything. A change made after going through the rubric was putting in academic qualifactions and business experience in for the employees. Sumedh also realised that we did not really do the design report properly, as we had initially just listed examples of the 7 processes that occured in the creation of the website. This was fixed.
A lot of communication is going today for last-minute assigning of the small roles, such as adding blog entries or reviewing the employees and technology sections.