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Results of testing

posted Sep 11, 2010, 9:23 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 14, 2010, 3:01 AM by Unknown user ]
Following the completion of the first draft of our website, testing and editing of the website had to take place to ensure its user friendliness. An example of testing was:

Testing occurred when we decided to create a special feature on our website, which was the online form. Users of the website could submit any complaints, advice or details to us by filling out the form and pressing enter. However, we had to make sure that this worked, so we had to test out the forms ourselves. This also encompasses transmitting and receiving because our details were sent to Michael’s inbox, and by receiving the email, we knew that the online form had worked. The feedback we received from this was that the online form was working and that we could make more of them to meet the needs of the user. The online form is not

I finished editing About Our company section to the quality I felt that we needed. This meant that ideas from Frank who completed the About Our company and my ideas were both used in the section, further improving the quality of the content of our website. I also completed the Innovation with Technology to the best of my ability and that will be edited by Michael when he comes back from AIS. Overall, in this weekend we have made lots of progress, with the design report completed from contributions from all members of the group and Michael also added new features to our website to improve its aesthetic appeal and user friendliness. 

So far the work that we need to do is edit Employee Listing, add new things in corporate blog, and edit catalogue and business spreadsheet. Other than that we are on track to submit good quality work on Friday.