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System Development Life cycle Part 2

posted Sep 10, 2010, 12:21 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 10, 2010, 12:37 AM ]
This is a continuation of the previous post. We managed to finish it in class while writing it on word, and while we were posting it up onto our register the bell rang.We had done that on Michael's account and seeing that Michael is away today and none of us can edit his previous post, we are now writing the rest of the task underneath.

Understanding the Problem: Our problem is that newspapers these days are constantly being stereotyped as being ''entertainment'' for the elderly. It is also being stereotyped as boring, unengaging, plain pieces of paper. As a result of this people have decided to back away from using the newspaper and are now using the Internet to read their daily news. This affects many newspaper publishing companies.
Making Decisions: If we were to be able to produce and distribute entertaining, engaging newspaper for the young and old, we need an appropriate combination of celebrity guests and entertainment articles while being as informative as any newspaper around. We also had to manage the budget, to record an feasible profit. In the end, we decided to make a decision stating that our company, GG Times, would distribute newspapers freely around the Sydney Metro in place such as hospitals, cafes and train stations. 
Designing a Solution: After making this decision about what our company is, we then had to design a solution to rectify the original problem and support the decision we made. The solution to this was to be a website that would allow young people to see the reasons behind our company, the people it employs, announcements and any new company activities, catalogue displaying our services and the ways in which we use and innovate with technology. The most important section that would catch the eyes of young readers, would be the way we use technologies as this disassociates us with the boring old newspaper companies, as we use new and upcoming technology, something which young people like.

Implementing the Solution:The implementation of the solution was the creation of our online information system i.e. website on the basis of the system specifications outlined when designing the solution. It also includes the adding of the various information that we had designed to put up to attract young readers and making the website look aesthetically pleasing.

Testing, Maintaining, Evaluating:Our information system was testes through the use of asking various people in the group as to what they had thought of the look of the website and if it had achieved all the tasks that were designed to rectify the problem. This involved participant and user responses. Our website was maintained through the use of appropriate software i.e. Google Sites and by the constant inputting of data by the participants. Constant evaluation took place to ensure that the tasks that were completed had fulfilled the original problem. This was done by the other participants involved in the creation and maintenance of the online information system.