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The Candy Shop

~ Allocation of Tasks ~
  1. Public Website:
    • Lali: A, D (Upload through Lali)
    • Thanya: B, (D as Varshinee's helper), E, F
    • Varshi: C, D, E,  (F as Thanya's helper)
    • In charge of main compilation: Lali
  2. Design Project
    • Deatiled reference to relevant information processes and technology (?) - Thanya with group input ofc. :)
    • Process of creating website: Group Contribution - see sub page.
    • Compiling: Thanya
  3. Business Spreadsheet
    • Further discussion with group. No decision made as of yet.
  4. Group Register
    • Update as progress occurs
    • Comment on people's posts please, so everyone's talking :) collaboration (Y)
    • Attempt to relate every post you make to one of the parts (A-G) outlined on the project scenario sheet under part four: group project register. At the beginning of the post (not it in the post title) say "Issue discussed: ____Insert _related_part___
Edit as you see necessary. Discussion to occur in Comments page (subpage under here)
Ok, for some reason, I couldn't make subpages and I don't really fancy making the processes and comments page into a "post" because then we all wouldn't be able to edit it, so temporarily, everytime you need to access the processes page and/or comments page you'll need to click on the links below. This way, we can all edit and add to the pages!! Please keep up with the processes. Pretty please, if possible by Friday night (9/7) could everyone quickly put what they've done so far under the appropriate heading in Prokect Processes? :)

Hahahaha x)

posted Sep 16, 2010, 7:59 AM by Unknown user

Well, I'm sitting here and I have this amazing feeling of accomplishment. Haven't seen much of Lali tonight, but the wonderful darling managed to make us a page for exclusive products which we completely forgot about! THANKYOU.
Hehe, I was sooo naughty, we finished the webbie before 12:00 hit but THEN, i was gazing at it proudly and making sure all the picture icon links worked and then I ACCIDENTALLY changed the font size from 10pt to 16pt and I reckon it looks pretty amazing in 16pt cause we redid our logo today and gave the circle more bevel i like it better with the bevel, and the catchline's in black now instead of white, no idea which one looks better, it still looks amazing :) So anyways, yea, i couldn't resist I reformatted all the font sizes, it looks so good! I am in love with my website and just like 4 hours ago, i wanted to kill it, haha, NO ONE TOUCH MY BABY WEBBIE :) I seriously think it looks so much better with the font size change, because the logo header got bigger it looks better withth bigger font, the old logo header we had was smaller and therefore the small text went nicely with it. However, I probably prefer this one more, its easier to read :)
GOOD WORK EVERYONE IT LOOKS SUPER AWESOMEE! and argh, I printed out the design report cover and I SWEAR it looked better on the screen, even kevin was like "woaw, thats really good" thankyou kevin :)
:'( it looks weird now though
OH WELL. AWESOME WEBBIE, haha, im too happy to sleep, ive been randomly chatting with people since we finished, i have no modesty, seriously, like none whatsoever ==
We managed to rustle up some pretty good work after prelims, we all pulled our stockings up, good work children! even in this past week, our website layout COMPLETELY changed! brilliant work , my meddling did come to some use, see? haha, i played around with it so much lali just did something really pretty so i would stop falling asleep at how drab it was before :) great work, really x)
And one last comment, before we leave behind our last ever prelim task, I thought it was hilarious how whenever you ran into a 9IPT student today no matter where they were, what class etc. something on their screen was Majorwork IPT related, so funny, but in all seriousness, it's a been a marvellous effort, love the result, and our reward is yummy eyecandy! enjoy :)


posted Sep 16, 2010, 7:25 AM by Unknown user

ok, so this is probably gonna be our last post
me and thanya are just finishing up right now
i just finished the client database which i got fomr lali and thanya edited the site
and OMG does it takes ages
i think the website and the stuff is pretty good right now
but the client database is so boring
and long
and tedious
anyways that's all
goodbye project

so far as of 8.04 pm

posted Sep 16, 2010, 3:04 AM by Unknown user

so um i've managed to add some more stuff to technology and also add the products on the exclusive range and i've finished the spreadsheet but then it doesn't look so good but it has everything (like no decorations)
i also went over the employees to make sure that they were okay
i changed the bib to bio as well
i'm still trying to think of some FAQ
anyways more later
at 11.59
PS- Lali can u go on msn now

Things to do tonight

posted Sep 15, 2010, 11:17 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 29, 2011, 4:59 AM ]

Hey guys,
last night ever on this project, the webbie is looking pretty good.
The Design coversheet is completely finished and it even has the approval of LALI for its aesthetic awesomeness. hey i am super braggy and proud of my work. deal with it :P
Design report,
you all know which parts you need do finish off/do/edit, yes?
If not here's the list:
  • Explain the processes related with the construction of the Home Page, logo, link things and anything else aesthetic you did.
  • Reupload logo (thankyou :D)


  • Explain the processes related with creating the Innovating with Technology section
I really need you guys to get that done and email it to me ASAP, I'm serious. i need to all those sections completely done and dusted/editted by 7:00 max. ok?
DON'T GO AROUND EDITTING WEBBIE IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THOSE COMPONENTS!! I have begun editting the website and I can do that rigth now, I really need you guys to get the design part finished/editted, yup?
Varshinee, if you need to talk bout equipment or anything at all, im on msn, ok?
Haha, I doubt anyone else will be here tonight so, JUST FOR TONIGHT, I shall post my number up here, if you guys need to call me, :\ I'll take it down tomorrow at school. xP It's (30/06/2011 - No longer avalaible for stalking), lost mobile as you all know, so its the only way to contact me, yes? AWESOME
or email is awesome too people!
I'LL SEND YOU THE PART OF DESIGN REPORT WE ALL AGREED ON IN CLASS :) So, stick to that type of explaining, read the criteria Mr. Woo gave us before you begin the edit, it will help :)
oks, thats it
YAY. we're nearly done. nearly time for happy dance :)


Design Report

posted Sep 15, 2010, 1:27 PM by Unknown user

You know how I said the design report was in the final stages of editting, it is in the final stages of editting no more. I think the old report was a bad representation of how much knowledge I/we have on the processes now. I did in a kinda chunk by chunk form. So collecting, everything we did on collecting and the organising and everything we did on organising and reading through before I sent it off to Varshi I was very disappointed with the result. It doesnt I think, properly show how much more we've learnt and especially, it doesnt highlight how interelated all the processes are.
So, I'm doing it in a new format everyone, it's kind of like a story now, yea, its like the journey we took or whatever to create our website.
It's more organised like this:
Products (First thing we did)
Addition to products and kits range logo
Home Page
About Us
It still uses the same information I made up before but yea, change of layout and I think it reads better now :)
I've only finished the products and introduction off completely. I can finish about us  and blog before school, I need lali to finish to do the Homepage and additions to products logos seeing as I can't really see what processes are happening there. Yea, I'm really bad at the whole making logos and whatever happens thing == and I'll do technology at school. Yep, should all be good. Processing REALLY confuses me, I will have to check with my groupies to make sure I've done it right. I quite like the new way I've organised my report, its just that much more flowy and interelated and story-like and "describe the website construction process" and "Demonstrates sound understanding of the processes and their integrated nature" yes, haha.
Anyways, that is all for now,
OH, and Lali made our logo bigger and took off the title so th header is this huge logo thingo, and i likes the new font that goes with it :)
That is all,

The business spreadsheet

posted Sep 14, 2010, 6:15 AM by Unknown user

ok so i started this, but i'm not too sure what to put in it so twhat i've gonna upload is a very very draft edition and you can tell if what i put in is right
oh and do i have to put in every ingredient we'll use
cos that'll make it VERY long
and i did one question on the FAQ:D
so could you guys each put up a few

Updates as of 14/9

posted Sep 13, 2010, 2:23 PM by Unknown user

Ohoho, that title sounds so pro.

Anyway: as mentioned in recent posts by my esteemed colleagues, I have finally broken the language barrier with Google Sites and managed to change the background to a seriously cool feather wallpaper I found before :)
I also made new party/at-home kits logos to match the background cos I felt the old ones didn't match our website: and I think Mr Woo was being super-sarcastic when he said they did =.=
Finally, I changed the theme to something better, cos our old notebook theme didn't look that good anymore with the background, so I made the theme Rounders, took off the top title, made the logo heaps bigger.
I also added a count-down meter until our annual closure and a text box in the sidebar, and basically spaced out random things.

So, right now all that basically needs to happen as far as the website is concerned is a MASSIVE editing process, checking for spelling, grammer, aesthetic appeal, etc.

Lali signing off now! =.=


posted Sep 11, 2010, 4:20 AM by Unknown user

Sorry for spam blogging.
Lali (thankyou tec-expert <3)
  • CALL ME/give me your number
  • Can you change the name of "Our Blog" to "News" on the sidebar?
  • Can you also please change the name of  "Products" to "Catalogue" on the sidebar?
  • Make a subpage under ABOUT US called FAQ
  • CALL ME <== I don;t care if you don't do the others, do this one!!
  • Send me the storing and retrieving/processing parts
  • Proof read the changed sections on the pages for Kits and Info
  • Not much else :) Yay for msn (Y)


posted Sep 11, 2010, 4:00 AM by Unknown user

I find, I do more work when I'm sick.
Gah, I feel like an invalid, I AM an invalid == Sorry for not being at school on Friday guys, ruptured something or other and did something gay to the muscles near my ribs or something. Lol, no idea.
You have no idea how much work you can get done in a hospital waiting room, haha, the best work environment xP
Anyways, sorry for not posting up all the stuff as planned on Thursday night. I died and was reborn. ANYWAYS.
Ok, so I'm posting everything RIGHT NOW. Our website freezes on me every 23 minutes, what is wrong with it?!?!?!?!
Finished Party Kits
Rewrote Home Page Info - Thankyou Lali for the new awesome background and layout, I LOVE THE RANDOM LINKY THINGS. See, Lali does that in 10 minutes, that would take me 50 minutes MINIMUM. No joke D:
Rewriting About Us before it froze. Just doing it in One-Note at the moment,
Teeehehe, I cannot get over the awesomeness of the background/link things, super cool.
Lali, I need to call you, lost phone. MSN me your number. Thanksbye,
Oh and I realised I never blogged about the Design Report, it's officially my favourite part of this assignment. It never freezes on me, never dies, i love you report. Haha, it's like the only thing I know how to do without failing the firts hundred time. VARSHI, send me storing and retrieving/processing!!!! <3 thankyouuu.
Yea, I suppose you could say it's in the final stages of edittting, kinda :\
I've still got to: finalise structure, make pretty add bits, kill bits, proofread, lots to do, but i have the body done. YAY
people, phone numbers, CALL ME. or give me your number to call you, i dun care either way.
P.S. Lali sorry for changing backgorund, i was mucking around and didnt realise, it was changing with me D:
P.P.S. Guys, can you take your profile pictures this weekend? I've taken mine with my old TimTam cup from primary, good days. I miss OC. ANYWAYS. yea, try and put something related to your name in the piccy with you (like my Tim Tam cup) Have we decided who the other people ate gonna be? Do you just wanna use our friends?
- Lisa - Dr. Smarties
- Lissa - Miss. Faery Floss
- Elmo - Miss. Choc-a-Torte
SHould I use my lil' bro for Mr. Buttons?!?!?! :S
TALK TO ME, kthxbye :)


posted Sep 11, 2010, 2:48 AM by Unknown user

Before i start on the FAQ- i need to say that tahnks to Lali, we now have an AWESTRUCK background and logos for the party and home kits. Oh and today i added onto the About Us, but i'm not sure what else we're meant to ass and i made another blog post but we still need quite a few more left
Thanya can you please finish your blog post and put up the party kits ASAP and i know i keep saying this but we need it put up SOON
umm, yeah so you know how we were thinking of an FAQ page so could we each think up of 10 questiosn that customers would ask us and then put it up and we'll choose a few of them and put them up as an FAQ subpage thing.
yeah, that's all for now
oh Lali could you send me what you've done on your business  spreadsheet so i can put the costs for the products and food and stuff which i kinda got off coles and woolworths:D

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