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Comment/Talk Page

Hello and welcome to The Candy Shop's talk page,
The title says it all :)
This page is strictly for discussing group project related problems and more importantly, to get us throwing around ideas and as a result 'talking.' VOILA! 
You can say anything here as along as it isn't bout maths hw, srp or whatnot, coolies?
 Begin discussion it the comments place. I wonder if we'll eventually have a hundred comments, that would be so cool.
Housekeeping: no spamming, ok? if you've posted something and then decided you want to add something, it would be extremely appreciated if you copy pasted what you had originally said into a new comment, added whatever and then removed the original comment. It sounds annoying, but it doesn' take long x) It'll help keep this place all nice and tidy.
C'est tout. Au revoir!