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Design Report

posted Sep 15, 2010, 1:27 PM by Unknown user
You know how I said the design report was in the final stages of editting, it is in the final stages of editting no more. I think the old report was a bad representation of how much knowledge I/we have on the processes now. I did in a kinda chunk by chunk form. So collecting, everything we did on collecting and the organising and everything we did on organising and reading through before I sent it off to Varshi I was very disappointed with the result. It doesnt I think, properly show how much more we've learnt and especially, it doesnt highlight how interelated all the processes are.
So, I'm doing it in a new format everyone, it's kind of like a story now, yea, its like the journey we took or whatever to create our website.
It's more organised like this:
Products (First thing we did)
Addition to products and kits range logo
Home Page
About Us
It still uses the same information I made up before but yea, change of layout and I think it reads better now :)
I've only finished the products and introduction off completely. I can finish about us  and blog before school, I need lali to finish to do the Homepage and additions to products logos seeing as I can't really see what processes are happening there. Yea, I'm really bad at the whole making logos and whatever happens thing == and I'll do technology at school. Yep, should all be good. Processing REALLY confuses me, I will have to check with my groupies to make sure I've done it right. I quite like the new way I've organised my report, its just that much more flowy and interelated and story-like and "describe the website construction process" and "Demonstrates sound understanding of the processes and their integrated nature" yes, haha.
Anyways, that is all for now,
OH, and Lali made our logo bigger and took off the title so th header is this huge logo thingo, and i likes the new font that goes with it :)
That is all,