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Hahahaha x)

posted Sep 16, 2010, 7:59 AM by Unknown user
Well, I'm sitting here and I have this amazing feeling of accomplishment. Haven't seen much of Lali tonight, but the wonderful darling managed to make us a page for exclusive products which we completely forgot about! THANKYOU.
Hehe, I was sooo naughty, we finished the webbie before 12:00 hit but THEN, i was gazing at it proudly and making sure all the picture icon links worked and then I ACCIDENTALLY changed the font size from 10pt to 16pt and I reckon it looks pretty amazing in 16pt cause we redid our logo today and gave the circle more bevel i like it better with the bevel, and the catchline's in black now instead of white, no idea which one looks better, it still looks amazing :) So anyways, yea, i couldn't resist I reformatted all the font sizes, it looks so good! I am in love with my website and just like 4 hours ago, i wanted to kill it, haha, NO ONE TOUCH MY BABY WEBBIE :) I seriously think it looks so much better with the font size change, because the logo header got bigger it looks better withth bigger font, the old logo header we had was smaller and therefore the small text went nicely with it. However, I probably prefer this one more, its easier to read :)
GOOD WORK EVERYONE IT LOOKS SUPER AWESOMEE! and argh, I printed out the design report cover and I SWEAR it looked better on the screen, even kevin was like "woaw, thats really good" thankyou kevin :)
:'( it looks weird now though
OH WELL. AWESOME WEBBIE, haha, im too happy to sleep, ive been randomly chatting with people since we finished, i have no modesty, seriously, like none whatsoever ==
We managed to rustle up some pretty good work after prelims, we all pulled our stockings up, good work children! even in this past week, our website layout COMPLETELY changed! brilliant work , my meddling did come to some use, see? haha, i played around with it so much lali just did something really pretty so i would stop falling asleep at how drab it was before :) great work, really x)
And one last comment, before we leave behind our last ever prelim task, I thought it was hilarious how whenever you ran into a 9IPT student today no matter where they were, what class etc. something on their screen was Majorwork IPT related, so funny, but in all seriousness, it's a been a marvellous effort, love the result, and our reward is yummy eyecandy! enjoy :)