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Project Processes

Hi guys!! So, as part of my job of organising the group for today, I think we should keep this Processes Log! It'll help us be really detailed with our report :) Which I think is pretty awesome.. so after you do anything related to the project. come over here, and put it under a heading.
- Information on equipment to make candy
- Images for people [profiles and images of equipment
- collection of general prices and how they are used, relative size and
- Putting info into word doc
-Saving the images as JPEG so they can be eaisly sent and put on the website
Storing and Retrieving
- Making this log
- Word Docs Stroage on hard drive
- Images onto USB
Transmitting and Receiving
 Sending the information to my home computer via email and then sending it back again so that i can reach the same info at school.-does this count as one???
 Sending the information around and getting comments