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Things to do tonight

posted Sep 15, 2010, 11:17 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 29, 2011, 4:59 AM ]
Hey guys,
last night ever on this project, the webbie is looking pretty good.
The Design coversheet is completely finished and it even has the approval of LALI for its aesthetic awesomeness. hey i am super braggy and proud of my work. deal with it :P
Design report,
you all know which parts you need do finish off/do/edit, yes?
If not here's the list:
  • Explain the processes related with the construction of the Home Page, logo, link things and anything else aesthetic you did.
  • Reupload logo (thankyou :D)


  • Explain the processes related with creating the Innovating with Technology section
I really need you guys to get that done and email it to me ASAP, I'm serious. i need to all those sections completely done and dusted/editted by 7:00 max. ok?
DON'T GO AROUND EDITTING WEBBIE IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THOSE COMPONENTS!! I have begun editting the website and I can do that rigth now, I really need you guys to get the design part finished/editted, yup?
Varshinee, if you need to talk bout equipment or anything at all, im on msn, ok?
Haha, I doubt anyone else will be here tonight so, JUST FOR TONIGHT, I shall post my number up here, if you guys need to call me, :\ I'll take it down tomorrow at school. xP It's (30/06/2011 - No longer avalaible for stalking), lost mobile as you all know, so its the only way to contact me, yes? AWESOME
or email is awesome too people!
I'LL SEND YOU THE PART OF DESIGN REPORT WE ALL AGREED ON IN CLASS :) So, stick to that type of explaining, read the criteria Mr. Woo gave us before you begin the edit, it will help :)
oks, thats it
YAY. we're nearly done. nearly time for happy dance :)